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"We take care of our children."

Translation:Staráme se o své děti.

June 7, 2018



Why is své used in this sentence? Děti has the neutral gender and accusative case in plural form. I think that svá is the right choice.


Kids are weird. They change genders. "Děti," the plural, is feminine.


Thank you very much for your explanation!


Oh no, it is complicated enough already! Changing genders! I hadn't been aware of this :-(


I wrote "Stárame se o naše děti" and I didn't get a correct answer even though "své" and "naše" means "our". Why is it that like? PS. Sorry for my English if it is bad :)


I wrote the same thing "Staráme se o naše děti" and have the same question.


Although své is normally better, naše is accepted. Next time use the report button, but double- or even triple-check your answer for typos. It is by far the most common reason for rejection.

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