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  5. "Yo vivo aquí."

"Yo vivo aquí."

Translation:I live here.

June 7, 2018

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This sounds just like "Yo bebo aqui". What's a difference i should be listening for?


The 'b' and 'v' are very similar in Spanish. Pay attention to the vowel sound - "e" sounds like the "e" in "bed", and "i" sounds like the "ea" in "meat"


Thank you this really helped


So, it sounds more like "Yo bibo".
The way of pronouncing "i" and "e" in English and Romance language, is very different.


Thank you superfrog101


That was helpful...gracias


that's exactly how I heard it, Yo bebo aqui!


I know I'm getting the answers right. The problem is I am spelling the words wrong. My english spell check can not spell check in spanish.


Try going into settings and putting another language into your keyboard, for example Spanish, you just swipe on the spacebar to go to spanish and itll autocorrect you the correct words and accents


Of course I know the correct answer to the question but didn't check my spelling. Mistakenly typed 'love' instead of 'live'.


It's 2 different words, how do you want Duo to magically guess that you mean "live" instead of "love"?


It sound like she said Yo, but sometime the I sound like Jo. How should it be pronounced ?


Oh that Vivo is comes from Spanish word Is not it? we using vivo cell phone ha ha that sounds easy to remember


Vivo is a phone brand?


Yes it is. And if I'm correct the brand's owner is a native Spanish speaker: Carlos Slim Helú. Yo "Vivo" en el teléfono celular


She said "yo vivo aquí".


I love how they use an image of a little boy with such a deep masculine voice


The lady they have pronouncing the words and phrases is very difficult to understand. The lady they used to use was much easier to understand. Even using the slowed down version, this lady is difficult to understand.


This lady is a bot. The good part is that if you train a lot (everyday) here, and become able to understand her, you are likely to understand real Spaniards speaking fast. People won't articulate for you in movies or real conversations. They will speak fast, and naturally.


It sounds like she's saying "Tu" and not "Yo"


You realize you can choose a slower version of the adio right? And they emphasize the words to make sure there is no confusion

[deactivated user]

    did not sound like Yo vivo


    If you are an English speaker learning Spanish, it's normal. Spanish doesn't sound English.


    I heard Yo OK, then invented a new verb (devo) and also wrongly guessed the last as así ! Oh well, "Así es la vida!" [That's life!]

    [deactivated user]

      That did not sound like Yo vivo the vivo if said was so connected with aqui as to make it viva!


      It's the way Spanish speakers talk, and even Romance languages speakers. The words tend to blend in the next one. The "o" is very very short here, but I can hear it.


      Its V versus B not the vowels


      my parents had there honey moon for six bloody years so there friends there were like why are you not having a honey moon. Then they were like um we do not live here this is are honey moon.


      Something is up with this section, or the record keeping. I have finished lesson five of level four of families, twice, and after Duo tells me Yay! You finished it!!! It brings me back to the lesson selection page, and it hasn't recorded the completion. It is probably the record keeping, as this has happened multiple times to me in the French course, also. Just letting you know. There is no other way to let Duo know. Thank you for your understanding. Happy learning!


      Sometimes"yo" sounds like "jo" like "Joe" and sometimes sounds like "yo" like the "yes". What's the difference?


      Is Yo in Yoyo or Jo in Joker


      I've always been taught yo as in yoyo but it might be different depending on different dialects


      It sounds like “mucho bebo aqui” not “yo vivo aqui.


      It's hard to distinguish between the b and the v Help!!


      Ya me 2 i heard bebo...just listen to the slower verson its much more helpful.


      I agree find her hard to understand


      English V.S. Spanish =3. English: word Spanish: word-o


      This app helped me a lot to learn spanish


      It's bad grammar to say Yo Vivo or yo tengo etc. It should only be used for emphasis. I have been corrected many times by my Spanish teacher and this is the one thing she dislikes about duolingo. This is because the verb Vivir means to live and it is congugated to Vivo meaning i live, saying yo vivo is like saying i i live, it's emphasis and should not be used all yhe time, duolingo accepts the answers without the yo on the front but does not teach you that it is unnecessary. Learning congugation is important in Spanish x


      Totally UNCLEAR ...sounds like "jobeewocky"


      I am hard of hearing and the ladies voice is very hard to understand .. better pronunciation would be appreciated


      V's sound like B's


      Yeah it's ''i live here''


      Wrote love instead of live by accident

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