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  5. "I want to study."

"I want to study."

Translation:Yo quiero estudiar.

June 7, 2018



When do i use estudio...estudiar estudias


Estudio is the yo form. You use it when talking about yourself. Estudias is the you form. Its used when talking about the person you are talking to. Estudiar is the infinitive form: "to study".


Sometimes i feel like i learn more in these coments than the entire lesson.


That's the point though, interaction. People tend to learn more when they engage. The comment section simulates a sort of classroom hallway for conversation.



It is the goal! It's the grammar forum about the sentences!
The explanations are given by the members of the community, and it's the way it's supposed to work!


Estudio vs estudiar! Yo quiero _? You said estudio is used when talking about yourself. Duo corrected me when I chose "yo quiero estudio", suggesting "yo quiero estudiar" is correct. Why? Can you please give an example for each?


You cannot use "yo quiero estudio", as "yo quiero" or "quiero" means I want,
and estudio or yo estudio means I study.

When you have 2 verbs that follows each other, the second one needs to be put in the infinite form: estudiar (to study)

I want - to study.
(yo) quiero - estudiar.


In these early Spanish lessons when we only have the simple present tense, the second verb in a clause is usually the infinitive. But in normal Spanish, the second verb is usually a participle. This is very common in both languages. The rule you state is not correct.

It is best to translate meaning. So if the meaning is "to study", then the infinitive is needed.


Estudias is used with "tú" = the singular informal you (used in Spain)
I say that, because there are several "you" in Spanish.

Tú estudias. Yo estudio. (You can omit the subject pronouns too).


No one wants to estudiar but we necesito estudiar


Your sentence is not correct,
you would need the right conjugation and the proper pronoun:

Nosotros necesitamos estudiar.
Or, skipping the pronoun: Necesitamos estudiar.
Or also: "Tenemos que estudiar"

We need to study.
Necesitamos estudiar más = We need to study more.


necesistamos estudiar*


How do we learn to conjugate? Is there a place in the program to go?


I suggest writing every sentence down and to start making conjugation charts on your own or check the info page for the chapter. There are four different kinds of verbs in Spanish and they all have slightly different conjugation charts. Be very careful with irregular verbs like ser (to be). Other than irregular verbs, there are Ar, Er, and Ir verbs in respect to the way the verb ends. For example, estudiar, is an Ar verb, escribir, is and Ir verb, and beber is an Er verb. They all will have slightly different ways to conjugate them depending on their respective endings. Irregular verbs like "ser" are going to be kind of funky and require extra attention to them in order to not mess up the conjugations so just memorize those separately. There are also the three different tenses that we have in English in Spanish, of course, such as future, present, and past tense forms of conjugation for each form of verbs. The verbs that don't fit into the Ar, Er, or Ir categories are irregular verbs. I will give you the present tense charts for each of the regular Ar, Er, and Ir verbs below. These regular verb charts I will give you will not change for all of the same type of verb but will not work for irregular verbs that don't have the three endings that I mentioned earlier.


estudiar - to study

yo estudio - I study

tu estudias - you (informal) study

el, ella, usted estudia - he, she, you(formal) study

nosotros, nosotras estudiamos - we study

ellos, ellas, ustedes estudian - they(all men but also women with the presense of at least one man), they (all women no men) you all(formal) study


escribir - to write

yo escribo - I write

tu escribes - you(informal) write

el, ella, usted escribe - he, she, you(formal) write

nosotros, nosotras escribimos - we write

ello, ella, usted escriben - they, you all write (see above for extra details)


beber - to drink

yo bebo - I drink

tu bebes - you drink

el, ella, usted bebe - he, she, you(formal) drink(s)

nosotros, nosotras bebemos - we drink

ellos, ellas, ustedes beben - they, you(formal) drink

I hope this helps. You can also look for the others on google but this should get you started on present tense so you can get through the lessons easier. I suggest writing this down in a notebook and doing the same with all other lessons like i mentioned above.


Why is there so much to study.... thanks in advance. Wasnt too sure about the conjugation stuff but this clears it up.


For now, just use a notebook to write every Duo word (vocabulary) or sentences (grammar), and only learn the present

You should learn a verb ending with -ar
A verb ending with -er
and a verb ending with -ir

If you learn one of each group (ar, er and ir), it will be really easier for you.

It's enough for now !


That is a lot of really good information. Too much for my brain to soak in at one time, I wished I could save it.


Only learn the present for (for instance) "estudiar": https://www.spanishdict.com/conjugate/estudiar.

You can do it. One step, and then, the next one.


Tysm this really helped. Thank you for your time writing this. :>


Estudio is the I form..so yo quiero estudio... I want to study


No, to study is estudiar.


When you use 2 verbs following each other, the first one is conjugated, and the 2nd one is not conjugated, it's infinitive (estudiar)


That is not correct. Spanish, just like English, uses tons of compound verbs where the second verb is a participle.


estudiar, escribir, escribo, escribes STOP D: PLEASEEEeeee HELP


Estudiar: https://www.spanishdict.com/conjugate/estudiar

Estudiar: infinitive, to study, not conjugated.

Escribir: https://www.spanishdict.com/conjugate/escribir

Escribo = I write.
Escribes = you write (used with "tú", the singular formal you)

Just learn the estudiar and the escribir verb (only in the indicative present):
you will find easy all the other verbs ending with -ar, and with -ir!


its only present tense dear and 4 more tenses means 30 conjugations for indicative mood and not to mention there are more moods hopefully you are alive by then lol


Why do you discourage people? Do you think it's funny?
You should understand that you could harm some people motivation here.
People only need indicative present for now!


I think its escribo (i) escribes (you) escbibe(he /she) escribemos (we) escribiste(you plural) and escribieron( they). Correct me if i am wrong


Here's a tip In English, it's common to say A clothing store or My Spanish teacher. But in Spanish you'd say A store of clothes or My teacher of Spanish. Una tienda de ropa Mi maestro de español Un


Can we get an example when to use the yo form? This sentence starts with yo but we use an infinitive.


you use the infinitive if there was already a conjugated verb in that thought.


@cpegram: You're right, but the 2 verbs need to follow each other:

VERB1 (conjugated) VERB2 (infinitive)
VERB1 (yo quiero) VERB2 (estudiar)


So because we already said I WANT TO STUDY we use estudiar, but if we said instead I STUDY SPANISH then we would we use estudio. Am I understanding correctly? Sorry about the CAPS I used it since I couldn't underline those portions.


Because the first verb needs to be conjugated, as a normal verb, and if a second verb is following it (without other word between), you use a non conjugated form (=an infinitive) for the 2nd one.

When you say "I study Spanish", (Estudio español), there's only a normal verb, no other verb is coming after it, as "Spanish" (español) is a noun (a language noun).

In English, it's the same in "I want to study", as "to study" is an infinitive.

We could also say that "to" is a preposition expressing a goal, but the second verb in Spanish, in the infinitive form also expresses a goal, the action of the first verb is applied to the second one.

I want what? to study.


Difference between Leer and estudiar


i thought leer meant to read rather than study


It does. Leer is to read and Estudiar is to study.


Is "yo quiero estudiar" also means "I love to study and not only "I want to study" ? Gracias


No. The phrase, "I love to study.", is written and spoken as, "Me encanta estudiar.". the phrase, "Yo quiero estudiar.", translates directly to, "I WANT to study.".

Queiro = I want


"Querer" means "to love" when the object is a being, not an innert thing.


Yo means I Quiero means want Estudiar means study What does to mean??


Don't translate it this way.

Yo quiero (or just quiero) means I want.
Estudiar means "to study" (it's an infinitive)


Estudiar means "to study". Leer means "to read".


When so we use ir when referring to yourself??


I used: Quiero que yo estudie. I was thinking it's right. I don't understand. Someone explain to me. Please.


Looking at your answer:

  • Quiero = I want
  • que = that
  • yo = I
  • estudié = I studied (past tense form).

That gives us "I want that I studied."

Not sure how you got to this solution or where estudie or estudié came from.

We are translating "I want to study." The verb is "I want" which is 1st person singular present tense of querer, so is quiero. (You can look these forms up at Cooljugator: https://cooljugator.com/es/querer)

Next comes "to study". That is the infinitive of the verb, and the Spanish is estudiar. Yes, two English words and one Spanish word.

So the answer is Quiero estudiar or Yo quiero estudiar, which is what Duolingo has at the top of this page. (The yo is optional - Duo usually includes it, Spanish speakers usually don't.)


I really dont understand. The "yo" form of estudiar is estudio. So why would the answer me "yo quiero estuduiar" and not "quiero estudio"


Quiero = I want
Estudio = I study
Quiero estudio = I want I study

and that's not right. As Ayana says, you need the infinitive "to study" = estudiar. Quiero estudiar.

The yo is optional. Spanish-speakers usually omit it, Duolingo usually includes it.

Spanish does not like starting words with s, so it is estudio, not studio.


Thank you for correcting my spelling. I didn't realize that I think I was spell checked and didn't see it.


It is "yo quiero estudiar" because what it is saying is "I want to study" estudiar meaning "to study". If you wanted to say "I study" then you would say "Yo estudio". I think that is right. If not will someone correct me.


Under line word to ...have a suggestion of the Spanish word SOLÍAMOS.... but i got the answer wrong


So estudiar mean just i want to study without amor


No, its the infinitive and is written or spoken that way if there is already a conjugated verb in the sentence which in this case is quiero which is already conjugated by yo.


Querer is not amor (I don't know what you mean, "amor" is love, maybe you wanted to say that querer could mean to want or to love?)

Querer is only "to want" here, as it means "to love" when used with a being, not an innert thing.


I feel like Espanol is mathantics sometimes.


Why not "Yo quiero a estudiar."?


Estudiar is an infinitive verb. It means "to study". It is not correct to add "a" to estudiar to mean to study.


Why is it 'Yo quiero estudiar' instead of 'estudio' if the sentence begins wth 'Yo'?

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