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Slang English to German!

I would like to know if the following phrases translate and if not, how do they translate.

You mad bro? = Bist du suaer brüder?

You're salty = Du bist salzig

June 7, 2018



You mad bro?- Bist du verrückt, Bro?


Sag mal, spinnst du? (But I'm not a native speaker.)


I am a native speaker. "Spinnst du?" or "Sag mal, spinnst du?" is a good idea.

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Sehr gut, I don't know about Bro though.


Ich würde sagen, dass man Alter für 'Bro' sagen könnt.


I thought verrückt meant mad in the sense of "crazy" or "insane"?


what does the second one mean? I nener heard that.

Mad could be either "mentally ill", then it would go along the lines of "bist du verrückt" or "spinnst du?". If you think about "angry" you're right with "bist du sauer?" I think that "bro" will either not translated or not used (for older folks)


"You mad, bro?" means are you angry or jealous of something. It is very sarcastic. The second one is sarcastic as well. "You are salty" is a snarky response when someone seems upset about an event. It is similar to saying, "you are bitter." Salty = bitter. My friend and I have been discussing it. We think "You mad, bro" translates better than "You are salty." Salty is taking a completely new meaning which I believe would translate more as "verbittert" in German. Either way, neither saying would have much meaning in German if the people we were speaking with didn't understand the phrase. It was fun researching this though and we can use American slang in German with each other :D! The fun of learning a new language.




My friend and I are learning German and how English slang would translate came up in conversation. We just wanted to know that's all. It's a simple question.


Ahh, yeah so I thing I'll just leave now. but you stay right there! I will see you later, so um...Bye! dashes away (okay that completely normal and I understand(yes I made () inside ()(LINGOTS GALORE))

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    I would say, ”Bist du bôse." This means angry. Verrückt can mean mad, as in insane. Don't know about 'bro' though!

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