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"¿Cuántas mujeres son de México?"

Translation:How many women are from Mexico?

June 7, 2018



Does cuantas mean 'how many'?


Yes! And it changes based on gender: cuántos hombres? Cuántas mujeres?


Yes! Although, it changes depending upon the noun. If it's masculine the correct spelling is cuántos, but if the noun is feminine, the correct spelling is cuántas. I.E. ¿Cuántos vasos necesitas? How many glasses do you need. The noun is masculine, so you'll use cuántos. As opposed to, ¿Cuántas tazas tenías? How many cups do you have? Tazas (cups) is feminine, so you use cuántas. In English we do not designate our words as masculine or feminine, so it can be a bit confusing if you're not familiar with the concept. I studied French for eight years, and it has been a great help while learning Spanish. If you practice your vocabulary, and pay attention to the category each word falls into, you will pick up the language quickly. :)


Just to offer a correction to one of your examples.

"¿Cuántas tazas tenías?" is actually "How many cups did you have?" (rather than "...do you have") since "tenías" is an imperfect tense form.
The corresponding present tense form is "tienes".


As an Australian, every time I hear cuántas, I hear QANTAS, our national airline. This causes me trouble :-)


Every time I see a QANTAS commercial, I am reminded of the time an Australian official created a firestorm (row?) when he said Koalas were nasty little creatures that bite and piddle on you.


Well he's not wrong. But they are also cute and generate lots of tourism, so swings and roundabouts.


I hear the recording pronounciation as 'MeHico' But when I clicked the word, it sounds like 'MeXico' Which one is the correct one?


MeHico is the correct pronunciation. The female voice often gets it wrong. Not sure why. I report it every time I hear ot in hopes that they will fix it.


The female voice always says Me-HE-co. Is this the proper pronunciation in some Spanish-speaking country or just a foible of this woman?


the pronunciaton of the j sound (we pronounce mxico like mejico) changes depending of the region you are, some people pronounce j like the english h, but in the most of countries, we have a sound that doesn't exist in english. Like the dutch g.


Is there a reason "How many women come from Mexico?" is wrong? Where I'm from this sounds more natural.


Can't you say "How many Mexican women?"


That isn't a translation of the sentence they've given us and contains no verb. You've written, '¿Cuántas mujeres mexicanas?


Seriously? What kind of question is that? I mean you could calculate...


You might ask this question at an English as a second language class or a gathering of people who love Mexican food.


Someone said the voices are TTS. So, they should not make mistakes when it comes to accents. México is pronounced Mexíco, as bolígrafos is still being pronounced boligráfos. I should think that is an easy thing yo amend. And DUO, please, while you're at it, get rid of the 'bored and toneless' woman voice as well as of the little 'vampire'. TTS is supposed to deliver a human‑like and engaging experience, the kind of pronunciation we expect to hear in Spanish speaking countries. Thank you.


It may be a good idea for you to use the Help link below rather than writing to the students who use the discussion forum, who have no way of altering Duolingo's programme.


I typed " how many women are from mexico? ". And it's not correct. What did i do wrong at this point ????


It's perfectly correct. I can only think that maybe you had to write what you heard in Spanish rather than translate it? I make that mistake all the time.


Son and es/esta are same right?


The verbs 'ser' and 'estar' aren't interchangeable. When referring to someone's origin you always use 'ser'.

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