"My girlfriend has three new purses."

Translation:Mi novia tiene tres carteras nuevas.

7 months ago



I'm not psychic. But i bet i can tell you what color they are. Could they possibly be greeeeen?

4 months ago


Duolingo uses words over and over like it does so they are not a part of the lesson. Here, Duolingo is teaching the words, "carteras" and "nuevas" (and not "bolsa"). It could also introduce new words for colors at the same time, such as "marrĂ³n" or "morado" but that would be over doing it. Too much to learn at once. Thus the massive use of "verde", "manzana" and "perro" and the like.

3 months ago


And I am amazed at how painlessly this works

1 month ago


Bolsas was incorrect

7 months ago


My mexican tutor explained that bolsa is used for "bag" while bolso indicates a woman's purse.

6 months ago
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