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  5. "A brother and a sister."

"A brother and a sister."

Translation:Un hermano y una hermana.

June 7, 2018



Two things... 1. If un is male and una female, what do you use when your are describing an object? 2. How is y pronounced? Is it eee? If you know please answer☺


You confuse "male" and "female" that are real genders, with "masculine" and "feminine" that are symbolic, grammatical, non real genders.

When you say "It's a girl", you talk about a female, and the female is also of feminine gender.

When you say "Es una silla", you talk about a chair, that's not a female (as it has no sex, and it's not living), but it's feminine, grammatically.


Yes it is eee i think


Hmmm good question.

  1. All nouns have genders in Spanish, even what we consider "genderless" things in English. Most of the time, masculine words end in -o and feminine words in -a. Take a quick read through this article for a longer description: https://studyspanish.com/grammar/lessons/genoun1

  2. Yes, just like the sound in "feet".


Un and una are different ways of saying"A"


What is the difference between un and una? Is un masculine and una feminine? And if that's the case, is there a nutre version of this word, does spanish have nutre words?


Yep, masculine and feminine.

In general, there are no "neuter" nouns, but there are some nouns that are ambiguous in gender and can work with either article, as well as a limited set of other "neuter" words like "aquello", "ello", and "lo" that can be used to refer to unknown/unspecified objects.

Take a look at this article for more information: https://www.thoughtco.com/neither-masculine-nor-feminine-3078136


There are no neuters nouns, except neuter with the meaning of "indefinite or mixed gender", and it use the masculine appearance.

For instance, when you say "Los maestros", it can include maestros and maestras. It's not because only males count, it's because it's a collective neutral.

The noun that you are mentioned, are not ambiguous, they are either masculine (for instance un estudiante), or feminine (una estudiante), and they have a fixed gender.

The only thin is that they are "epicene" nouns, meaning that they have the same form in masculine or feminine, (the same "look"), but it doesn't mean they don't have a fixed gender.

Una estudiante is feminine, and un estudiante is masculine (it's only by "accident" that they have the same appearance.

So, nouns are either masculine or feminine grammatically, but can represent a collective neuter, or an indetermined neuter.

But pronouns can be neuter, as you said "lo", for instance can represent a verb (so it has no gender) or an action.

Sabes leer (you know how to read/you can read).

Lo que sabes = leer.
What you know = reading.
"Lo" represents the verb "leer", so it's genderless, as it's not a noun.


When to use "Con" and "y"


"Con" means "with" while "y" means "and" :) hope this helps!


Where we have to use "un" and "una"???


un is used in sentences with males. and una is used in sentences with girls


Yes, but not only "males". Males is only one of the subgroup that use "un".

"Un" is used for masculine. Masculine include males (men, boys, male animals...) and grammatically masculine innert things (un sombrero...).

"Una" is used for feminine. It includes females (women, girls, female animals...) and grammatically feminine innert things (la silla, etc...)


The answer to this question is incorrect. It says the correct answer is "una hermano y una hermana" but hermano is masculine and should be preceded by "un" not "una".


If it's the case, yes, that's obviously a mistake from them.
But, please, when it happens, take a screenshot, as it's the only way to prove there's a mistake on the forum. And hit the "report" button.


It should've taken it from the start


What is lo, ellos?


Annoying once again I typed the correct answer Duo says no. Not nention I purcased health my gems were deducted yet health never refilled. Too many glitches with this app


Please, send a mail for the glitches, here, it's only for the grammar help.
What did you write exactly? You have to tell us, as we can't see it (we are other users like you), and what were your given instructions? (= in which language did they ask you to type)?


Program will not let me pick the correct answer and continue.


What do you mean? Do you have a screenshot? Please, make a screenshot in case of problems.


I wrote the same and it still is wrong


Same here, tells me that my y is wrong...?


I put the right thing


this is not interasonte


Un and una are a in spansih


How do you pronounce "y"?


The same way you pronounce 'e' in english.


One of my options was "a brother house, a sister" XD


Nope! Don't like the little boy


Damnitt why I did it right!!


It said un instead of una


How would you say, 'a brother and sister?' Would it be un hermano y hermana? Without the una? Or is the una required?

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