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The verb '' frisst''

Please, what is the origin of the verb '' frisst'' ?

June 7, 2018



That's the third-person form of the verb "fressen", which you can read about here: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/fressen#German

According to that there is an English verb, "fret", which it is a cognate of. Though I had never heard of that word before today, and I usually translate "fressen" to "eat" or "feed on".


Menschen essen, Tiere fressen. When a human does not table-sit you can also call his acting "fressen" instead of "essen". Sometimes people say "Er frisst wir ein Schwein." (He eats like a pig.)

Präsens: Ich fresse; du frisst; er/sie/es frisst; wir fressen; ihr fresst; sie fressen
Präteritum: Ich fraß; du fraßt; er/sie/es fraß; wir fraßen; ihr fraßt; sie fraßen
Perfekt: Ich habe gefressen; du hast gefressen...

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