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How to tell if a word is masc fem or neuter in german?

How do you anticipate which words are which?? I know Die is plural but how will you know when to expect a word to be Das Die Der Den Dem??

June 7, 2018



You'll just have to memorize the gramatical gender of the noun at the same time that you learn the noun. You'll also need to memorize how the articles may change in the 4 cases. Here are some links to websites to help explain it to you.

A website like leo.org can be used to look up the gender of nouns, as well as much more.


Wow! Very helpful, i will read this thank you so much

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You can guess quite accurately many times the gender of a word from the word endings. Here is a link to a post from 4 years ago:


I had a shortened form, a list that I and others have posted but I'd have to search for it. Maybe you can find a better one by typing gender into the search bar in the German discussions; or someone else here has it at their fingertips. Good luck.


While there are many word endings that can give you a better guess at what gender the word is, there are often exceptions. While it's best to just learn the gender with the word, here's a couple of links to webpages that provides some additional help with guessing word gender:


Thanks for your time! :) this helped.

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