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"Me gustan mucho los restaurantes cubanos."

Translation:I really like Cuban restaurants.

June 7, 2018



I understand that Duo is trying to teach conversational English, thus opts for slangy versions. When Duo chooses to reject standard English for the same translation, I object.


Agreed. I usually report that my answer should be right and a week later i get a notification it's been accepted.


Ditto. "very much like" should be consistently accepted as a translation for "__ gusto mucho."


Why is it not 'Me gustan muchos los restaurantes cubanos'? Shouldn't mucho be plural to match the plural cubanos restaurantes?


Because in this sentence mucho isn’t “many Cuban restaurants”

It is “really like Cuban restaurants”

If you wanted to say “I like many/a lot of Cuban restaurants you’d say “me gustan muchos restaurantes cubanos”

But we are saying “me gustan mucho restaurantes cubanos” Meaning I really like Cuban restaurants.”

Mucho belongs to how much you like something versus muchos belonging to how many restaurants you like.

I hope this helps


That makes sense. Thanks!!

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So how would you say "I really like a lot of Cuban restaurants"? "Me gustan mucho muchos restaurantes cubanos"?


“Realmente me gustan muchos restaurantes cubanos” To avoid an unattractive sounding sentence or alliteration you out the “really” at the start by using realmente.


Why is it "Me gustan" and not "Me gusto"?


The “Me” is like saying “I, myself”. “Gustan” is because you like a plural amount of restaurants


"lo restaurantes"? I can't hear "los".


It is “los” sometimes the recording is hard to hear. But it is “los”


With normal speed it sounds "lorestaurantes". Only with slow speed it says "los".


This translation came twice in this topic. First time I answered as per your suggestion here, but you said that it was wrong, and suggested this: I am very much into Cuban restaurants. That is absolutely silly! Now that it came around the second time, I used your translation that you suggested to be right. Instead, you are telling me that my first translation was correct: I really like Cuban restaurants. Can you make up your mind what is correct??!


What do I say if I'm referring to some particular Cuban restaurants, and not all Cuban restaurants as a whole?


You would still use “Me Gustan”. Because it is still a plural amount.

Solo me gustan esos tres restaurantes cubanos. I only like those three Cuban restaurants.


Why isn't mucho is used before Me?


Hello ShreshthaS. Simply because that's not how it works in Spanish. With Mucho in this specific sentence you modify how much you like something at the end of the sentence.

Me gustas mucho. Me gusta esta lampara mucho. Me gusta comer pasta mucho.

There isn't really a steadfast "grammar rule" it's just how it works in Spanish.


But sometimes we do use words before me such as realmente. When do we do this?


Yes, when using mucho, it always comes at the end. This rule doesn’t transfer to other words.


Why is it me gustan instead of the me gusta? The sentence is present tence right so You could say me gusta...... Or not?


When I report that my answers should be accepted, I never get an answer

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