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And then ......

I just reached Level 25, with a single, 200 day streak from when I started.

And what happened?

Nothing. Not even an extra whistle. Oh well, it still feels pretty good.

June 7, 2018



Nothing. Not even an extra whistle.

A bit of a let down, isn't it?

Here you go; it's a consolation prize:


Congrats! How good is Level 25 ? Can you elaborate simple sentences? Please, post something in Spanish (without a translator's help) so we can evaluate :)


SantB, don't be misguided by the levels. About two years ago, I completed the Spanish tree in about 3 days, since I'm a C2 (complete fluency) in Spanish. And I finished the tree on level 12. My French is still very basic (about A2 I'd say) and I'm now on level 17. So it all depends on the amount of practice time you put in and the number of points accumulated.


Yes, it's true, I asked because I've read some comments from users with higher levels here who cannot elaborate even relatively simple sentences in their target language. And as I can understand, you need to spend several hundreds and even thousands of hours practicing to reach level 25. The last example I remember was someone who wanted to know "what was your first book you read", and asked: "Qué estaba el primero libro usted leer?" Creo que aquí hay algo mal que no anda bien...

In your case, how long did it take to reach level 17?


That was painful to read, coming from someone on level 25. I hope my French will be far better than that once I reach that level. In answer to your question, I had something like an 87 day streak two years ago, then finished on level 15. And now I'm on a 14 day streak, which took me up to level 17. But the past two weeks I've been on a duolingo binge, averaging around 300 XP points per day. Quite frankly, I expected to be at a higher level by now. But that's due to my own impatience.


Take it easy and enjoy your learning ;), 300 xp por día es muchísimo!


How good is level 25?

It just means you got 30k xp..

That's all.


It takes years of study to get 30k xp...


Years? That depends. I think it took me a little over a year to get my first 30,000 in Spanish.

Admittedly, it was somewhat easier to pick up Spanish xp at that point, since Immersion was still available, but I've earned over 15,600 xp in Catalan since September. If I went to continue at the same rate (I probably won't) , it would take me about a year and a half total to reach 30,000 xp.


Buenísimo, felicitaciones! :) Cuántas horas por día practicas para lograr ese récord?


It varies. Probably between an hour and a half and two hours a day for all three languages, total and a bit less when I was just doing 1 or 2. It´s a fair bit of time, but not, I think, excessive (although, certainly, not everyone has the flexibility to do that.) And some days it's been much less and I took more than a week off when I was very ill (as in in the hospital) in the fall.


Well done...I’m at level 20 with a 104 day streak. Pushing hard and hoping to get to 25 in the next couple of months.

That is, if duo doesn’t move me to the new purple tree set before I get there....


Happy achievement day! with or without recognition, that's quite impressive. Good for you!


Give yourself a crown, your highness.

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