"A salad, please."

Translation:Una ensalada, por favor.

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What are the rules of using un vs. una? I'm confused...

3 months ago

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Un is used for masculine nouns, una for feminine. Rule of thumb (that of course doesn't always apply): If it ends in "a" it's probably feminine, if it ends in "o" it's probably masculine. But not all nouns end in A or O obviously and those you just have to memorize. For the most part the "O" and "A" endings being masculine and feminine respectively are correct; I'm not coming up with any exceptions to the rule though I'm sure there are a few.

2 months ago


is porfa an accepted shortened from of Por Favor in Spain?

5 months ago

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Yes, but be aware that it is colloquial and would be inappropriate in certain circumstances. I wouldn't use it, for example, in any circumstance where I felt I should use usted instead of tĂș.


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