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100 day streak and next goals

So, finally I made it to my 100 day streak days 2 days ago. My goal was to develop the discipline to do at least one thing everyday and it has worked. I also did some additional tracking of my own

Total XP in 100 days : 4359

Average XP in 100 days : 43.59

Spanish Level : 12

Crown Level : 35

Phew that was some complicated math :P My goal for the next 100 days is pretty straightforward.

1) Keep the streak going.

2) Achieve an average XP of at least 50.

I know its not a lofty goal and my baseline reference is pretty low. But I plan to raise the bar for myself every 100 days.


June 7, 2018



Congrats!!!! I hope you keep up the good work. Nice job!!! (:


You can do it!


Congrats! I'm working on getting my 100 days.


Congrats!! That's really good! My highest is 120, but I lost it because I've been so busy with school. Keep going!!!


Congratulations! Keep it going.


Buenas suerte!

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