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Imperativ question

I understand that the Imperativ uses du, wir, Ihr, and Sie. For the life of me, I get stumped when I see a sentence like this:

Julie und Hans, __ (essen) langsamer!

I'm not sure how to read this. Are they saying, "Julie and Hans, let's eat slower!" (wir?)---> "essen Sie" or Julie and Hans, eat slower!" (ihr?)---> "esst"?

Thank you.

June 7, 2018


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Your example would be: Julie und Hans, esst langsamer! Maybe addressing two children. The non-imperative form would be: ihr esst langsamer.
Julie, iss langsamer! (Du isst langsamer.) Herr Müller, essen Sie langsamer! (Herr Müller, sprechen Sie bitte langsamer!) Essen wir langsamer! (Sounds a bit odd, “but: reden wir leiser, damit uns keiner hört” works nicely) The names at the beginning are the addressees of the command. The command form with “wir” would generally not address any person by name since it refers to a group.

Let’s eat slower = Lasst uns langsamer essen.

ETA: I made a mistake in the corresponding non-imperative form for Julie. The singular imperative should of course correspond to “du” not a third person subject. Sorry! Fixed above.


Thank you! I understand perfectly now! Many thanks!

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