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  5. "Hontī ipradi."

"Hontī ipradi."

Translation:We are eating the bird.

June 8, 2018



Ba ba ba bird bird "the birds" is the word


Am I the only one who thinks this is cruel?


Shouldn't "we are eating bird" in a general sense (kind of food) be acceptable as well or would that somehow take a different form on HV?


Bird, birds, the bird, the birds, a bird - all correct translations for "Hontī"

This course most often has the definite article used in these cases "the bird", but only because there are many variations and they haven't added them all. You can help by reporting ones that are rejected but correct.


You need an article before the word bird. Hontī can be plural or singular, it is ambiguous. So you can say 'a bird', 'the bird', 'the birds' or simply 'birds'.

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