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"I do not want to speak Spanish."

Translation:Yo no quiero hablar español.

June 8, 2018



My guess was "hablo" can anyone offer an explanation into why it is hablar instead of hablo? Thanks


Because "hablo" means "I speak" and "hablar" is "to speak". So you would be saying "I do not want I speak Spanish" Hope this helped :)


only conjugate the first verb in a sentence. so its "no quiero" (conjugated) followed by the infinitive to speak "hablar"


In Spanish, you only conjugate the first verb in the sentence and all the rest of the verbs in the sentence you leave un-conjugated.


Wanted to add an easy way to remember: "No hablo ingles" means "I don't speak English". If you're ever confused b/w "hablo" and "hablar" remembering the sentence helps sometimes.


I do. I realy do. No puedo esperar a hablar con fluidez.


I'm the same with Greek. I am brushing up on my spanish on here so I get used to languages again. I don't actually want to speak it but Mexico is just a couple miles away as i live on the border of it and Texas.


why was this marked wrong ´´no quiero hablar español.´´ i thought the ´´YO´´ isnt needed?


You are right, the "Yo" isn't actually needed. Duolingo just hasn't put that as an option for a correct answer, but it is right either way.


I thought habla was associated with I, or singular. Why do we use hablar here instead of hablo? Thanks.


I speak = Yo hablo
I do not speak = Yo no hablo
I do not want to speak. = Yo no quiero hablar.

He speaks = Él habla
He does not speak = Él no habla
He does not want to speak. = Él no quiere hablar.


Diffinitive between habl- a, habla-r and habl- o. hablo is after yo, always. Not understanding the rule on these.


Why does it show" yo hablo" above , then youre,wrong?


Because duolingo does stuff like that ALL of the time. It's really annoying if i actually need a hint. I have done 3 languages on here and it does it the most on Spanish. Provably because Spanish, comparitively is a bit more complex.


Ehhh it's not as complex as English. Learning Spanish definitely opens up the door to all other romance languages, though.


This means " I do not want to speak spanish." Now I get it!

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