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"How many red purses do you want to buy?"

Translation:¿Cuántas carteras rojas quieres comprar?

June 8, 2018



I put ¿Cuantas carteras rojas tú quieres comprar? It marked me wrong because i had tú. Is tú incorrect there?

December 5, 2018


I have been marked wrong for using "usted quiere" ?!

December 23, 2018


dddinham, I imagined a salesperson at a store asking the question, so I, too, assumed the formal "you" would be used. I noticed someone reported it in Aug. 2018, but I'll report it again, March 18, 2019.

March 20, 2019


Agreed. I have reported this, too. I have encountered it in several exercises on DL. With no context, the formal AND informal should be accepted, but almost always (for me) the formal translation is not accepted. I was taught in Spanish class in school many years ago that if you don't know, you automatically go with "usted."

April 7, 2019


Same issue for me.

January 22, 2019


My (mexican) girlfriend says "bolsa" is used for purse (and pocket apparently) a lot. This only allows cartera (which she says is more like a wallet) and bolso.

July 5, 2018


"bolsa" is the word I learned for purse many years ago. I am in the USA, and the Spanish I have learned is Mexican. It seems Duolingo is geared more toward Spain. Which is okay, but I get marked wrong when I use a word like "bolsa," and it should be accepted. Even Google translates purse to bolso and cartera to wallet.

December 23, 2018


I learned in South America that bolsa is bag, e.g. a school bag. Bolda, cartera, I suspect one knows what one is talking about because in English we refer to purse and bag as one in the same.

April 17, 2019


'¿Cuántos bolsos rojos quieres comprar?' is accepted.

July 25, 2019


¿Cuántas carteras rojas usted quiere comprar?

Is this not also correct?

December 13, 2018


quiere usted was marked wrong reported 8 Aug 2018

August 8, 2018


If there is some way to know if "you" is formal or familiar here, will someone explain it to me? I have been marked wrong for using "usted" in situations like this, and others have been marked wrong using tú. Duolingo is on the whole good, but this lack of context in english is quite frustrating when it can be specific in spanish, and answers are graded as incorrect when correct.

December 23, 2018


"You used the él/ella/usted form 'quiere' instead of the tú form 'quieres'". WHY IS THAT MARKED WRONG???!!!!! We don't know whom is being asked! Could be my mother. Could be some random lady at a store. ????????????

December 23, 2018


I received the answer "¿Cuántos bolsos rojos...?" Aren't purses "bolsas"?

June 29, 2018


Yep. Apparently bolso is also a handbag but it should accept bolsa too for purse.

July 5, 2018


yes, bolsa or bolso can translate to handbag or purse. I notice Duolingo has been using cartera but you are not wrong.

June 29, 2018


i don't get when to use cuantos or cuantas?

May 30, 2019


Look at the gender of the noun that it is asking how nany of

June 26, 2019


'Cuantos' is in it's masculine form, where as 'cuantas' is feminine.

~"Senora Castro, cuantas hijas tienes?" --Mrs. Castro, how many daughters do you have?"

~"Senor Castro, cuantos trabaja tienes?" --Mr. Castro, how many jobs do you have?"

July 11, 2019


¿Cuántas carteras rojas quiere usted comprar? was marked incorrect. I reported it on July/29/2019.

July 29, 2019


marked wrong when the above was the same answer I just gave. They stuck a tu at the end of it?????

June 8, 2018


I was told to use a different form of to want which wasn't even given to me as an option

July 28, 2018


Why did it say "¿Cuántas carteras rojas añoras comprar ?" was the answer? I've not anoras before. Sept. 21, 2018

September 22, 2018


The correction programming can be less than helpful. Until they get it fixed, you can always come to the discussion page to see the correct answer (using the vocabulary that you're learning).

October 12, 2018


Whhy specifically red.

April 24, 2019


Bolsa is purse in Mexico. Cartera is wallet. Consider revising.

May 23, 2019


I found some other online translators giving "monedero" as purse. If not, I see "bolso." NEVER cartera.

May 24, 2019


'¿Cuántos bolsos rojos quieres comprar?' is accepted.

July 25, 2019
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