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"Moje dcery byly s Žofií v divadle."

Translation:My daughters were in the theater with Žofie.

June 8, 2018



Would "My daughters were AT the theater with Žofie" also be an acceptable translation?

There's nothing wrong with "in" here, but I think "at" may be used more often than "in," at least in the general context of describing where "my daughters" were.

I would expect to see "in" used in more specific contexts, e.g., "My daughters were IN the theater with Žofie when that balcony collapsed, but they were not sitting near it" or "My daughters were IN the theater when that performance was recorded for TV."

So... just wondering.

UPDATE -- I just tried this with with "at" instead of "in" and it was accepted.


What is the difference between this and "my daughter's were with Žofie in the theater"?


I just got this wrong with "my daughters were in the theater with Žofie," and I also don't know why this word order would not be acceptable on the English side. I've reported it, in case it was just overlooked.


Agreed, both are correct and should be accepted.


"My daughter's were with Žofie in the theater" is now an accepted translation.


I am somewhat at a loss here. I know the form “My daughter's” only as the saxon genitive (singular), and it would usually require a noun to which it refers (“my daughter's children”), except in expressions like “I went to my daughter's (place).”

How can it refer to “moje dcery,” which is plural? Am I overlooking something on the Czech or the English side?


It was just a typo and should be daughters. Daughter's is not actually accepted.


MY BAD (typing)... sorry for the confusion.


I did not try 'se Žofií' instead of 's Žofií' but would it have been accepted? In the audio I cannot hear the 's', it is surely impossible to pronounce it clearly?


It would. Note that the "s" is pronounced as /z/ due to the usual voicing assimilation rules because Ž is voiced. /zžofijí/

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