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  5. "My dog is big."

"My dog is big."

Translation:Mi perro es grande.

June 8, 2018



What's a female dog called?


perra, since it is a girl word the verbs will end in a or e


Do you say 'la perra' then?


You certainly can! For example, "Mi perra es grande".


Why would it be es and not esta?


For es use the acronym DOCTOR (Description, Origin, Characteristics, Time, Occupation, Relationship) For esta use the acronym HELP (Health, Emotion, Location, Present progressive)


I could be wrong but I think esta describes a changing state like tired, good, bad. Es is used to describe a fact like the colour or size of something.


Why is it dog (perro) then big (grande)?? When a black (negro) cat (gato) is cat black.


I'm not sure what your question is. Adjectives often follow nouns in Spanish, so a big dog is "un perro grande" and a black cat is "un gato negro".

Now, the sentence here is "Mi perro es grande", which is "my dog is big", and it never has the word "big" right next to the word "dog", so the question of whether the adjective comes before or after the noun never comes up. And if you want to say "my cat is black", it would be "mi gato es negro".

Again, I'm not sure what you were asking, but I hope I've answered at least some of it.


You'd put the gato negro backwards in english so it'd be black cat


Since female dog is perra, female cat should be gata, RIGHT?


Why is "mi perro son grande" eeong


Because you need the singular verb es for "mi perro": "My dog IS big". Son is a plural verb that means "are", so you would use it to say "mis perros son grandes"--"my dogs ARE big".


"Mi perra es grande" Marked wrong 21/05/2021, reported.

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