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Duolingo stories in French

It is almost impossible to fill in the blanks correctly without accents on your keyboard. Very few people know the ascii codes for any number of accents

June 8, 2018



For me it's just:

  • ' + e = é

  • ` + e = è

  • ^ + e = ê

Then it's easy to quickly write things like é, à, ô, á, ś, ú, ŝ, or whatever. You just need to have the correct keyboard setting, I use 'English (US, international with dead keys)'


Awesome. This sounds so much more practical than switching my entire keyboard to French...and then back when I want to type English quickly.


I skip the accents in those instances. Knowing where they belong is the important thing. The answer is still counted as correct, fortunately.


You can install different virtual keyboards. That's what I do. In Windows it's as easy as typing apostrophe,e for é and in MacOSX it's as easy as option-E,e. You get used to it pretty quickly. I can do timed practices without the accents slowing me down much at all now.

This is more of a Troubleshooting question than a question about French grammar/vocab/pronunciation.

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On a Mac, you just hold down the key a bit longer and you get a little menu of accents.


if you are using a Windows US keyboard, go to your PC setting and change it to US-International. you can type in the accents easily. And these other symbols > ¡²³¤€¼¼½¾‘’¥×¬»«öóíúüþ®éååäáßø¶´¿çµññ©©æ£¹÷ÖÓÍÚÜÞÉÅÄÁÐب°ÇÑ¢Æ by simply holding Ctrl + Alt


Oh WOW ! Thank you for this. I have learned something new.

To explain this in ... lets say "Roo Speak" :

Check out:
To find out how to load different keyboards in Windows.
And select : US keyboard,
go to your PC setting and change it to US-International.

You need to be aware of the functions now available to you by using these keys.

  1. The BACK QUOTE (``) key, which is on the tilde key ( ~ ) , in the top right corner of the keyboard.
  2. The CIRCUMFLEX (^) key, which is located on the (7) key.
  3. The APOSTROPHE (') key, and the QUOTATION MARK (") key located on the same key , two keys to the right of the (L).
  4. And also the (Shift) key.

There are 5 French accents:

character how to character name
ç hold APOSTROPHE + (c) cédille
é hold APOSTROPHE + (e) aigu
à, è, ù hold BACK QUOTE + (a) or (e) or (u) grave
â, ê, î, ô, û, hold SHIFT + CIRCUMFLEX, release, press (a) or (e) or (i) or (o) or (u) circonflexe
ë, ï, ü hold SHIFT + QUOTATION MARK, release, press (e) or (i) or (u) tréma


Accents are not required to answer the question correctly. But I think duo supplies it when it adds it to the blank, so look at that to remind or check yourself to see if you knew the correct accent.


As Lrtward said, you can install a software keyboard for your device. The procedure depends on what device and/or operating system you are using, but is quite simple in any case. Then you can easily type in the accents when you need them.

For French you might prefer a Canadian or International or Spanish keyboard, as the standard French keyboard has several keys situated where you do not expect them, which makes switching between and typing on the English and French keyboards rather a bother (it is AZERTY rather than QWERTY, the M and , [comma] are reversed, etc.). But the standard French keyboard is of course a viable choice, if that's what you want.

Using ALT-codes to type accents is slower, as when using them on average you depress at least twice as many keys per accented letter, and I would not recommend it.


Can you please tell me why can't I open new stories when learning French? I've been stuck in the middle of After hours story for weeks now, while with Portugese course I was able to proceed with stories as I liked. Thank you.

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