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  5. "They wrote a song for me."

"They wrote a song for me."

Translation:Ellas escribieron una canción para mí.

June 8, 2018



Why is "me escribieron una canción" wrong?


Accepted March 22 2020


Hmm. Not sure - whether it is or if it is why? Perhaps ambiguity w/o other info - eg maybe ustedes. Also does the "for me" require para? Not sure about that. They wrote [to] me a song seemsbok really. Be interested to see other thoughts.


That's correct, though a slightly different construction. What you wrote is "they wrote a song to me" or "they wrote (to) me a song." Either should be close enough to the English to be acceptable.

If you really want to say "for me" in the sense of a song dedicated to me, I believe that would use "por" and not "para." So, the use of "para" seems to indicate that the song was directed/gifted to me and not written on my behalf.


I believe "para" is actually correct here as you are denoting yourself as a recipient - which is one of the uses of "para" rather than "por"


Yes. That is what David is saying. Using 'para' means the song is a gift to the person. Using 'por' would mean the song was written on that person's behalf. Both words have a slightly different meaning and both would work here because the English does not differentiate between the two.


Duo now accepts that answer 5/18/2020


How can you know if it is ellas or ellos?


usually from context but in this case ellos or ellas are correct if it doesn't make sense in context then you wouldn't know because they are conjugated the same


ellos escribieron una cacion para me was marked wrong


"Me" is used when you are the direct object of a verb (Ex. "Ellos me escribieron una canción.")

When you are the indirect object following a proposition, like para, then you use "mi" (Ex. "Ellos escribieron una canción para mi.")

So your answer was marked wrong because it had an unrelated error, not because "ellos" isn't acceptable.

You also missed the first N in canción, but I'm not sure if that's a big enough typo to get marked wrong.


so why is "ellos escribieron una cancion para mi " marked as incorrect????


I think that ellos or ellas should be considered both right


Both are accepted. If your answer was marked incorrect, look for an error elsewhere.


I regularly switch the pronoun or noun gender in my answers. Duo accepts them unless I make a mistake elsewhere.


What's the difference between una canción and un canto?


I wrote un canto and marked as wrong


Why is ellos wrong?


Ellos is not wrong, unless that's all you wrote.


No idea but it is still wrong today!


It is impossible to continue...it keep saying it is wrong but it is wright


Bernardo, next time, if you want help, please tell us exactly what your wright answer was so we can have a look at it. Copy-paste if possible. It is very common to make little mistakes that are very hard to spot.


Porque no lees?


I used "ellos" and the answer was given as "ellas". You'd need to be psychic to get that right!


the answer was given as "ellas"

You have been in Duolingo for a while, right? So you should know by now that the "correct answer" it presents is just one of many.


Perder mi tiempo atendiendo a las preferencias irracionales de un robot búho (sobre puntos sin importancia: la elección de un pronombre - "ellos" masculino o "ellas" femenino) resta del valor de DuoLino como una herramienta para aprender español y sugiere cierta pereza en la parte de sus programadores.


Why not ellos!


why doesn't accept with Ellos but only Ellas ???


Why is it wrong????

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