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"Hvorfor ligger det en ulv i bestemors seng?"

Translation:Why is there a wolf lying in Grandmother's bed?

June 8, 2018



A peculiar situation, for sure… there must be a reason… now, look, there is also a little girl with a red riding hood entering the room!


Ugh...even as a native speaker, the 'lay vs lie' thing is still a pain.


I think you can eliminate your pain by remembering that "to lay" is a transitive verb -- it requires an object -- while "to lie" is an intransitive verb and cannot take an object.


to lAy is to plAce (long A) to lie is to recline (long I)

Or remember the song title "lay your hands on me." You lay things, not your body. Your body lies.


My body tells the truth! (Tongue firmly in cheek.) All kidding aside, I like your mnemonic. It's helpful to me. Mange takk.


That is kind of comforting to here. I don't have a problem with the meaning, as in German we have same difference, but I always mix up the spelling of "to lay", "to lie" (as in being in a horizontal position) and "to lie" (as in Pinocchio), especially in the past tense forms. It's a pain in the (insert body part here).


Why is the 'det' there? Is it mandatory?


Ulven vil ha bestemor til lunsj

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