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Number of words

How many words are there in the Spanish tree? Just wanted to know how far I've gotten along.

June 8, 2018



(pssst : I will be back to you with an approximate and unconfirmed list ;P )


Here is another spreadsheet from the "words" tab in the Spanish course :


I still have the old Spanish tree (55 skills).
Currently 1588 words according to duome.eu


This is not a very well constructed list.
However it will give you the words in the order introduced approximately in one of the tree versions.

I will try to find time to double back to improve the quality of the information.
But for this weekend, this is the best I am likely able to do.



Good question....I've never thought about that.


2809 Words, level 20, nearly all the tree green and the initial part red. Of course, according to the section Words of the Duolinguo website.


Also level 20, with the new update I've been getting new words again. i haven't filled in all the purple spaces yet and I'm at 2,869 words. The list that says under 1,600 is wildly inaccurate. I've seen at least one other person post they were just over 3,000 words.

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