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  5. "Hoy no es miércoles."

"Hoy no es miércoles."

Translation:Today is not Wednesday.

June 8, 2018

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Why not el miercoles?


Good question! You can think of the "el" as meaning "on" when it's used with days of the week. So if you say "Tengo una cita el miércoles", it means "I have an appointment on Wednesday".

This is a helpful page that discusses the days of the week, including when to use the definite article : https://studyspanish.com/grammar/lessons/days


Why is "isn't" accepted, it's right, isn't it!?


"Isn't" should be accepted. If it is not, it's possible that there is something else wrong with your answer, and we can't tell, because you didn't paste exactly what you wrote here.


How the Frik do I pronounce miércoles?


Exactly how it's spelled: mee-AIR-coal-es. Notice that the accent on that 'e' means you stress it louder and longer than the other syllables.




It's really a three-syllable word, but every time I try to write how it would be pronounced, I think that someone will misinterpret it. I've tried MYERR-co-less, MYARE-co-less, MYAIR-co-less, along with things like M'YERR..., so people won't pronounce "MY".

Well, what I'm trying to do is show one syllable that rhymes with air.

Ah, I just went to spanishdict.com, and they spell it myehr-koh-lehs.


Somehow, the days of the week in Spanish are similar to the Filipino version. Looks like learning Spanish is not a problem for me.


I made a typo while spelling wednesday and got it wrong :(


If you just typed one letter wrong, that should not cause Duolingo to mark your answer incorrect (because it would not have been a different legitimate word), so you probably had some other small mistake. But if your typo really mangled "wednesday", maybe Duolingo's program didn't recognize it as just a typo.


why isn't it ... "hoy no es EL miercoles"?


Because that would translate as today is not ON Wednesday. You don't use the articles el/la after the verb "to be" (there may be an exception of which I am unaware, however). Best explanation I have heard which explains why is that you are describing the subject, so wouldn't use the article.


According to https://www.thoughtco.com/how-to-use-definite-articles-3079100, the definite article is needed before days of the week except where the day of the week follows a form of ser. So that is why there is no "el" in "hoy no es miércoles".

Note that when the definite article is used, the English translation seems to include "on":

  • No trabajan los sábados (They don't work on Saturdays)
  • Me voy el lunes (I leave on Monday)


I spelled it correctly but it says I did it wrong It even said so in the correction thing cause it was the exact same as mine.


If you don't copy and paste your exact answer here, we can't tell you if we can see some problem that you might have missed.


I answered "Today ain't Wednesday" That was not accepted


"Ain't" is considered very nonstandard English, and I don't think it should be accepted. People you don't know might judge you as uneducated for using it.

"Isn't", however, should be accepted, since it is the standard contraction of "is not".

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