"I want to work today."

Translation:Yo quiero trabajar hoy.

8 months ago



I think im actually learning Spanish :)

7 months ago


Im not

3 months ago


I thought trabajo was the "me" form? Trabajo hoy?

6 months ago


You conjugate "to want" into "I want." You leave trabajar alone because you are meaning to say "to work," not "I work." If you conjugate both, it would literally translate to "I want I work tomorrow." Which makes absolutely no sense.

4 months ago


Same here, if someone could explain that congregation, that would be awesome..

5 months ago


Same problem

5 months ago


If I am right it is similar to the infinitive form in English. Like, you put the "to want" (querer) into the "me" form. However, after that you don't have to put the trabajar verb into the me form again. So for example in English, if you say "I want to study" you conjugate the first verb 'want'. I mean wanted, have wanted etc. But you don't do anything with 'study' because it's after the 'to'. I don't say it is similar to the Spanish in every situation (bcoz I am a beginner as well) just draw a paralell to clearify these things. I don't know if you get what I would like to say from my explanation. PS: advanced Spanish learners please correct me if I am wrong.

5 months ago


Me Too

5 months ago


Me to

2 months ago


Why not "quiero trabaja hoy". DL marked me wrong

8 months ago

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It wants the infinitive form of 'to work' - trabajar with quiero -

You've written two conjugated verbs together that don't make sense:

I want he/she/it works today?

You can't have two conjugated verbs side by side like that, one of them needs to be in the infinitive form..

8 months ago


Oops, actually that was a typo.

8 months ago


Who would ever say this? No one actually wants to work

4 months ago


Plz help me smart people

3 months ago

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haha. me never.

8 months ago


When do we get the conjugation exercises to assist us? Making mistakes is a way to learn but so it the proper practice with conjugation. I won't give up. It is just frustrating at times.

1 week ago


thanks, to work as opposed to I work makes sense to me

4 days ago
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