"I love sports!"

Translation:¡Amo los deportes!

June 8, 2018

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Also accepted: "Me encantan los deportes!"


Why me encantan rather than me encanta?


Like gustar, it's sort of backwards to what we are used to in common English speech. It can be translated as “the sports enchant me” or “I am enchanted by the sports” and since sports are plural then encantan takes the plural form of the verb.


Thanks for the information. It's now clear! Have a lingot! BTW, can you understand that DUO woman when she speaks? Without the text, I almost always miss what she says ... very frustrating.


Yes, she runs her words together and sometimes leaves off the end of words.


Yes, the audio is a little to be desired!


I thought in the case of me encanta the verb was supposed to agree with the subject not the object?


The verb always agrees with the subject not the object. In the sentence ¨A mí me encantan los deportes¨ the subject is ¨los deportes¨ and the object is ¨mí.¨ The literal translation is ¨The sports enchant me.¨ (Subject: The sports, Object: me) Then we convert it into a more natural English sentence expressing the same thing: ¨I love sports.¨


More than one sport -> encantan. I forgot that too.


You use encantaN when it is plural - sportS


its a reflexive verb so its the other way round "amo los deportes" but "me encantan los deportes


This really seems to better fit this sentence. "Amo" just doesn't seem like it fits here.


Well, have you seem the fanboys and fangirls at some of these events? I think their use of amo or amamos would be an understatement. Just saying.


Yes, according to DRAE:

Encantar;4. intr. Gustar en gran medida, agradar mucho. Le encanta el cine.

To like in a large extend, really like. He loves the movies



Duo would not accept encantar!!! Only Amo!!! So frustrating.


Accepted me encantan. See above for the why.


thats exactly what I wrote, they didnt accept this...


this is exactly what I wrote. They didnt accept it


I'd love to see a screenshot of what you submitted along with Duo's response.
I'm trying to capture evidence to file a bug report, but so far it has not happened to me that a correct answer has been marked as incorrect.


Not for me it didn't!


Apologies, i had deporte in the singular


it is correct to traslate love by amar, ... and like by gustar, but I never would say:: amo los deportes. I would say:: Me gusta el deporte, me gustan los deportes


That kind of thing needs to be reported (with a description of the problem, not just checking a box). Duolingo shouldn't be teaching preposterous vernacular.


Yes Amo los deportes sounds very weird to me and I'm not even a native speaker :D


The question is how would the native speaker say the concept?


Why do we need the los?


I think its because we are talking about sports in general.


When referring to a group, I.e. Sports. This link to Spanish dict is a good discussion



This is so confusing, literally a few lessons ago it was the opposite. The subject was sports (I can't recall specifically but it was either about liking sports or playing sports) and it said not to include the article when talking about things "in general." I was even linked an article that states just that:


From the link: When you are talking about things (just stuff in general), you don’t need to use an article if you are talking about the things in a general way, especially if quantity is not important.

In the lesson, when it was talking about liking a specific sport, such as basketball, you use the article. When talking about sports in general, such as liking all sports, you don't need to use it. So why now?


From the link: When you are talking about things (just stuff in general), you don't need to use an article if you are talking about the things in a general way, especially if quantity is not important.

From the article that you provided, they listed examples where Spanish omits the indefinite article, whereas English doesn't. That is usually the case where quantity isn't important. I'll give you some examples:

  • "tengo carro" -> "I have a car" (the amount of cars that I have doesn't matter. I just have a least one car)

  • "tengo un carro" -> "I have one car (as opposed to two)"

In this case, the sentence is refering to everything that is considered a sport, not the quantity (that is unimportant).

Here is an article that might clear your confusion:



BradyFoxHa, I feel your pain. Earlier today the lesson was about watching movies. The answer was consistently (mirar) peliculas (no las included). I have no idea why sports is considered a general category but movies are not. Seems incredibly inconsistent to me even after reading dozens of articles. The articles, BTW, are typically consistent but these exercises don't seem to be. I haven't a clue what I'm missing.

I was just doing the History section and had the phrase "I played sports at school." The answer was "Yo practiqué deportes en la escuela" - without the definite article. Can someone please explain? Sports seems to be used in the same general sense in this latest example. What am I missing?


Why is Me encanta los deportes incorrect?


Should be encantan because sports (the subject) is plural. Sports enchant me, is how it is thought of in Spanish.


With multiple choice I had no choice but to pick "Amo". I remember being taught not to use amar with things like sports. We were supposed to use it with family or real "love" and "me encanta" took it's place for things like "I love this game." Now I am really confused!!


You are not confused, You are right. Encantar is correct.


I thought the rule was that the article was NOT needed when referring to a general rather than a specific category .. Shall I flip a coin ?


Other way around, general categories require the definite article in Spanish.


Yeah, I too read that in the comments, earlier in the tree. People don't always know what they're posting about, apparently.


Can I say "A mí me encanta los deportes"?


Surely it would be encantan.


Yo amo a los deportes ???


Don't remember where I read it, but I understand that when using "amar" instead of "encantar" to love something with other than a romantic or familial or friendship type of love, then "amar a" should be used. "Amo mi hijos," but "Amo a los deportes.


Pensaba que sólo puedes usar "amar" para las personas y sentimientos románticos o de familias... entonces deportes debe ser "me encantan los deportes" ¿...?


No. El complemento preposicional se usa con Seres animados ( Personas o animales). I Love my wife- Yo amo/quiero a mi esposa. I love paella: Me gusta,encanta,agrada...la paella . ( Decir: "Amo la paella" no suena bien en español.

Puedes decir: Me gusta/n el/los deporte/s . Amo el /los deporte/s. Duolingo , a menudo, traduce : "To love" con " encantar" y " To like" con gustar". http://www.hispanoteca.eu/Foro-preguntas/ARCHIVO-Foro/Gustar-querer-amar.htm


Can someone answer this in english? I tried reading the answers but theyre all in spanish


(I don't have the energy to go through this really right now but! I feel like "Me encanta los deportes!" ought to have worked. I am positive "encanta" has been used in previous exercises with phrase MUCH like this one and worked. (Agreement of "encanta" always seeming to be "encanta" and not "encantan" which I have NEVER SEEN here in Duolingo YET. (If it's here, I have yet to encounter it.) But in any case, happy to just use the MUCH EASIER "amar" verb anyway. Just couldn't understand how (on EARTH!) "Me encanta" could possibly be wrong when I had used it with such success in the recent past (like last week/a few days ago doing previous subject set.)


Bear with the owl. About five or six lessons after this one (in Interests) you gets lots of encata and encantan practice:

Don't you love these desserts? - ¿No te encantan estos postres? (Interests)
I love French songs - Me encantan las canciones francesas
I love hot sandwiches - Me encantan los sándwiches calientes
I love Mexican desserts - Me encantan los postres mexicanos
I love Spanish wines - Me encantan los vinos españoles
I love these glasses - Me encantan estos lentes
I love these orange flowers - Me encantan las flores naranjas
I love this pair of red shoes - Me encantan este par de zapatos rojos
I love your cakes - Me encantan tus pasteles



Encantan needs to be used as plural


Isn't amo only suppose to be used when it's a person?


Why is "los" needed here?


When to use los or not to use it is driving me craazy! I've been studying this point for months and got this particular one wrong 4 times. I thought I was a genius too!!


Also not accepting encanta as correct or gusta seems weird.


Ok, to all of you guys wanting to know about the article usage here, here are some recent observations I made:

-If you are using ANY verbs like gustar/interesar/doler/aburrir then the article will be used before the noun(no matter if the article is plural or singular). Me encantan los videojuegos(i love videogames) and Me duele el pie(my foot hurts) are both grammatically correct sentences.

-If you are using amar or odiar the article will still remain after the noun(for general nouns like "sports" or "games"). So amo los deportes would be grammatically correct, as well as odio los juegos(i hate games)

-If you are using ANY other verbs like comer, dibujar, and volar, the article will be omitted if you include a general noun in your sentence. For example, como comida(i eat food), dibujo flores(i draw flowers), and vuelo aviones(i fly airplanes) are all grammatically correct sentences.

Hope this helped!


In English you cannot love a thing like sport you can only love a person and maybe an animal. You can only be extremely fond of sport or thing. That is what I was taught at school and backed up at university. I was led to understand it is an incorrect use of the word " love" in this situation. So when I started learning Spanish and came across " encantar" I thought that in this situation " I love sport " it was more correct to use "encantar" not "amar". Can you explain why you use "amar" in Spanish?


You are correct and this example should have only used encantar, not amar


Either of these should be accepted ¡Amo los deportes! Me encantan los deportes


Why is it incorrect to say, "Me encanta los deportes" in this instance?


because the subject "the sports" is plural you need to have the plural form of "encantan." Me encantan los deportes. is correct.


Why do we say "yo amo los deportes "instead of "me amo los deportes " its not easy...


me encanta los deportes??


Steve, I'll give this one a stab. From what I've read prior to this, encantar is a verb that results in Spanish phrasing that, if translated word-for-word into English, appears to say "Sports (delight, cast a spell on, charm) me" Deportes is the subject, not me. So, the verb needs to match the subject, therefore the 3rd person plural form 'encantan' is needed. As though you were saying Ellos me encantan! (meaning "They love me!...or They charm me, or They delight me, etc.) Amar is not the same kind of verb as encantar, so you can say, "amo los deportes!" and it is pretty much a straight-up translation into how we'd structure that in English, "I love sports!"


"Me amo los deportes" should br accepted


That would translate to "I love myself the sports". If you're going to put a word before "amo", it should be "yo"... I love = yo amo


And when we say :me amo , and yo amo or to gusta/encants


"Me amo" is i love myself. "Me" is the object, "amar" is conjugated in the "yo" form. "Me gusta/encanta" is I like (something) because the verbs "gustar" and "encantar" literally translate to something like "is pleasing to." To whom? To the "me" that is written first.


why not me encanta deportes!


Why not "Amo a los deportes"? I'm confused as to when to use "a" before the direct object and when not to. ?


That a is only used when the noun is a person or pet. I believe it's known as the Personal-A.


Leaving aside the fact that amar is a weird verb to use for deportes, (I assume that encantar is far more suitable in this case), but even if you decide to use amar, should the sentence not include the 'personal a?' For eg: '¡Amo a los deportes!'


Hi. No the personal "A" would not be used in your example. The personal "A" is used when what you are "verbing" is a person or an animal that is a family member.


Um, I'm no Spanish expert or anything, but I'm pretty sure you use the personal 'A' when you're talking about a person/pet that you have feelings for. I should also mention (again) that I am not a Spanish grammar expert.


Do not say this. To "love" something that is not human or a pet is just weird. I love hamburgers for example. Do I really Love them? Sounds odd when you peel back the layers of that comment.


I wrote encanto Los deportes, and Duo said I should write amo los deportes. Okay, so do I have a sexual relationship with sport?


Why not "A mi me encanta ' ?


Isn't 'amo los deportes' and 'me encanta los deportes' the same meaning?


Why Amo instead of encanta? I got marked incorrect for using me encanta


Guide to this used encantar


half the time I get things wrong in this lesson because the dictionary hints are wrong or missing. I've reported all these instances


If you write "me encantan los deportes", why is it still correct if you leave out "A mi..." at the beginning?


Accepted on 7-2-2019 A mi me encantan los deportes!


Why isn't "me" + "encanta" offered as an option? This was the correct verb in the previous lesson.


Why do you no longer need 'a' in this example? I thought 'amar' needs the a in the case of Alberto amas a Fernanda.


That's because Alberto loves a person. It's only when you're talking about doing things to people that you need the a. So if you call your brother, "llamas a tu hermano", but if you call your office, "llamas tu oficina". Just a note: you have amar conjugated incorrectly in your example - it should be "Alberto ama a Fernanada".


after my wrong answer " me encanta deportes" appeared a tip about verb changing to encantan. Not very helpful, because I know pretty well about verb changing, we have learned it before. The tip should better explain why we have to use : los" before sports and why connect " encanta" to plural "deportes". Anyway, after the TIP there is no way to continue the lesson. Do something with this problem please


Why can't you use me encanta here?


I think it should be me "encantan"


I got the answer correct, but this question has been at the back of my head for ages. Why does there always have to a form of "los" or "el" in front of things like these? Or the female version with "las" and "la".


I have never heard of Amo and the answer is Amo los deportes! What is Amo?


If you "amo" los deportes, doesn't that make you a suspect person? Surely, Duo could have come up with a more appropriate way to use amo!


a mi me encantan deportes should be accepted

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Why can’t I say me encanta deportes


From what I've read prior to this, encantar is a verb that results in Spanish phrasing that, if translated word-for-word into English, appears to say "Sports (delight, cast a spell on, charm) me" Deportes is the subject, not me. So, the verb needs to match the subject, therefore the 3rd person plural form 'encantan' is needed. As though you were saying Ellos me encantan! (meaning "They love me!...or They charm me, or They delight me, etc.) Amar is not the same kind of verb as encantar, so you can say, "amo los deportes!" and it is pretty much a straight-up translation into how we'd structure that in English, "I love sports!"


Why not me encanta los deportes?


me encantaN los deportes. Because what you are liking is plural. Me encanta el deporte.


won't accept me encantan los deportes - why


Should Me encantan los deportes be used or Amo los deportes?


Me encantan los deportes Amo los deportes sounds odd and will get you funny looks


why "me encanta los deportes" is wrong?


Me encantan los deportes It’s plural.


in the previous lessons encanta never changes regardless of the plural or singular form. I am confused


It is the same as “gustar” so when what you like is only one thing you use the “it” form of the verb. If it is liking plural things then you use the “they” form. I think of it like this. Singular = it pleases me Plural = they please me.


'Yo amo deportes' was rejected, why?


¡Me encantan deportes! Why is the article (los) required here, while in the sentence, (Me gusta tocar guitarra. ) the article is not? ¡ Me encantan mirar y juegar deportes!


it did not accept a mi me encantan deportes


Babel fish and google translate "me encanta los deportes" as I love sports. We have been learning that loving something was never me gusta but always me encanta. Now they teach "amo" and reject encanta. Yet other online translations accept and translate encanta as love in this case. I just don't break duo's secret codes very well I guess. Very discouraging.


Why amo and not me encanta? I put Me encanta los deportes, and it was marked wrong.


Why isn't "me encanta los deportes" correct?


Why isnt this accepted "A mi me encanta los deportes?"


Why can't I say, "Me encanto los deportes"


A mi me encanta los deportes?


Is "No tengo que encantar mi trabajo" incorrect? I thought "amar" is used when you love a person and "encantar" is used when you love/really like a thing?


The dictionary hint didn't even have amo as an option. It gave encanta.


Why not also "A mi, me encanta los deportes"?


How does one know when the object needs an article in front of it? Amo deportes was wrong (no article) but ensena espanol was correct (also no article). BTW sorry but I haven't figured out how to get accents and tildes on my keyboard yet.


I have never had so much trouble than with this last section. !


I thought Amar was for physical love. Isn't Encantar for the love of objects?


While amar is used for physical love more often, it has the same usage as encantar.


Why do you need the los in this sentence?


Please see my explanation a little bit further down the "sorted by newest" comment list


What would be the best times to use amo or encanta


Why is ' me encanta' not also correct???


Because its about sports (plural), so it would need to be me encantan


why not "me encanta los deportes"?


encantar changes not based upon who is doing the loving, but rather what it is that’s being loved, in this case sports (plural)


If the item that is loved/liked/ interested in etc is plural then the verb has to be plural too ( there are several of these verbs that work like this) M.


I thought that when speaking of loving sometrhing other than a person that the proper term was "encanta" not "amar" Am I wrong?


wrote,, "Me encanta los deportes." and Duolingo marked it wrong. It ssme to me this is more proper than "Amo los deportes."


As deportes is plural, you need to change encanta to encantan...that was the only problem Me encantan los deportes should be perfect!


I see below that "Me encantam los desportes!" is also accepted. Why is the article necessary here?


When would one use amar versus encantar?


Why is "Me encanta los deportes" not correct?


Because sports is plural.
"Me encantan los deportes"


Having now found previous comments and the use of "encantar" I am more confused . Is it correct to use "encantar" and should it be" Me encanta or encantan"?


encanta = single thing that you like/love
encantan = multiple things that you like/love


The verb encanta usually agrees with the subject--both singular. I received no credit for "Me encanta los deportes!"


The subject is los deportes so it is plural and needs encantan


Me encanta not accepted,...why not? I tried 3x


Always read the discussion before posting.
You learn as much by reading as writing 🙂
The subject is los deportes so it is plural and needs encantan


Me encanta should be accepted


You need me encantan - sports is plural


Although I am a rank beginner, I understand reflexive verbs, and I read the 127 answers to the same question posted by the 126 people who didn't, and I grok that Spanish doesn't translate word-for-word into English. I know to use an article for a singular object (Tengo un perro) and not for plurals (Tengo perros), and generally for subjects, but not objects (El gato tiene garras): So -- quite aside from the question of whether a native speaker would use "amar" here at all -- why use "los" in Amo los deportes? Is it one of those linguistic exceptions that you just have to learn? Enséñame, por favor, y gracias.


Why not 'el deporte'? The English 'sports' is also used as a generic plural noun referring to any sort of sport in general.


Can amor and encantar be used interchangeably? I realize the first means love and the latter means pleasing, or something like that. But I would think "amo los desportes" is incorrect, and apparently it's not


Why is Me amo los deportes incorrect?


My friend from Spain says this is bad Spanish, and that encantar should be used here, never amar.


because "deportes" is masculine and plural


Why is me amo los deportes wrong? I thought Amar needed the me te le nos les?


"amar" is a regular verb. "amo" is "I love" and what follows is the object of that love.

If that object is a person represented by an object pronoun, then that pronoun is placed in front of the verb.

"amo a Fernanda" = "I love Fernanda"
"la amo" = "I love her"
"amo los deportes" = "I love sports"


Thank you Jim, that helps a lot!


When using "amar" shouldn't it be followed by an "a?" "¡Amo a los deportes!"?


Why not "encantarme los deportes" ?


I don't think I ever came across the plural "encantan" during that first lesson.


Any rules as to the use of "amar" instead of "encantar" and vice versa?


Since the English to Spanish is not a direct translation, it might help to think of the phrase "I love sports" as "sports enchant me". Los deportes me encantan are the right words, but in the wrong order for normal Spanish conversation.


I don;t know when to use amo and when to use encanta


Why is "yo encanto deportes" wrong?


Why can't you say a mi me encantan lis deportes


Why is it not correct to say "A mi me encantan los deportes"?


Is "Me encantan los deportes" and "Amo los deportes" both use in Spain or Latin America?

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Encanto los deportes Is that actually wrong?


This result is wrong. It should be Amo deportes. Los should not be there


AMO? AMO? Me amo a mi novia. Pero, ME ENCANTAN LOS DEPORTES


Wait... I thought Amar was for people (and house pets), and Encantar was for everything else? WHAT CHANGED IN THE PAST WEEK???


Why amo? It is not like "amo" for relationships (people) and "encanta"


Did not accept Me encantan los deportes 31 Jan 2022 >:(


What the hell: mi encanta doesn't accept, come on Who is translating this? Cheap second language students?!

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