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Doubt about Numbers: Thousands / Elfu

There is a discussion I've been following regarding numbers but I haven't found any precise answer for the matter. It refers specifically to the number 18.000.

According to one exercise in "Numbers", this is read as "Elfu kumi na nane". So this question came up: How do you say 10.008 then? Wouldn't it be the same?

Searching on internet (languagesandnumbers dot com and kamusi dot org) the numbers follow the pattern "elfu xxx" only until 9.999. From then on, it changes to "xxx elfu".

In this case, 18.000 should be "kumi na nane elfu", the number 10.008 should be "kumi elfu na nane", and "elfu kumi na nane", which is the official answer in the exercise simply doesn't exist.

However, to make things a bit more complicated, it seems that some websites also use constructions like "elfu kumi na nane" to express 18.000.

Could someone please confirm which is the correct way to write this number?

June 8, 2018



as a native speaker, I would honestly say I use both, but for 10,008 I would be more inclined to say kumi elfu na nane so that it's understood that I don't mean 18,000. Most people use either (probably incorrectly), but I think the elfu in the end instead of the beginning is most correct form. There are a lot of errors in these exercises, which is highly unfortunate, but good on you for researching!:)


Asante sana!! :D


Great researching! Have a lingot <3


The way that is used the most where I live in Tanzania is 18000(kumi na nane elfu/ 10,008(elfu kumi na nane) but I have heard kumi elfu na nane as well.

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