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"La universidad cierra en junio."

Translation:The university closes in June.

June 8, 2018



I put this Spanish sentence as, "The university is closed in June" and it was marked wrong. But checking Google Translate it says this, as well as Duo translation is correct. Any explanation?


The university is closed=la universidad está cerrada, the university closes=la universidad cierra


Thanks for this correction because I was coming on to ask the very same thing. Closed is the state of being which requires estar!


Yes, thanks for this explanation. Got it.


There is no Spanish word "junia".


Universities do not close. Classes end. If universities closed many support staff would be trying to find other jobs. If it closes that means perpetual. If it is closing that is different. Word choices matter.


I think you're reading too much into this.


As someone who works in a university, this annoys me too. I want a three month summer vacation! Though in here, the classes don't even end for summer.


Wow, maybe you need a different "Calling", if helping learners isn't your 'thing'. Learning isn't a "job"! As Duolingo has proved. I'm excited, every day, to learn something new! Before Duo, it was expensive and "a risk". The "teaching" was often sub-standard.. It's why I'm a "plus" member. I love their help. The shear joy of learning something new.. Maybe you're the problem?


I think you're reading too much into this too.

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