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"Yo leo mi correo electrónico en la oficina."

Translation:I read my email at the office.

June 8, 2018



So I was under the impression from a previous exercise that correo electrónico was email address, but this sentence makes it pretty clear that it's also email, okay cool. So I'm assuming correo is correspondence, and that would mean the phrase can also mean email address purely out of convenience?

August 20, 2018


I put "I read my email address in the office" which is a weird thing to say, but thought it would be right because of the Spanish words being used as email address in past tasks.

September 10, 2018


Same here. Dinged.

February 5, 2019


me too! It should be counted as correct!

June 30, 2019


I want to know if the native speakers actually say 'correo electrónico' instead of just saying email.

August 10, 2018


My wife is mexican and she says they say both but mostly they say email

September 29, 2018


Shouldn't it be "in the office"

June 8, 2018


For sure, using AT is poor English.

June 16, 2018


No it is not. However, either way is correct.

August 10, 2018


How can you tell the difference between in & at?

July 1, 2018


It's an English nuance, unnecessary in Spanish

July 13, 2018


That is right. And you cannot understand Spanish using the way English works. Need to dump thinking in English. Just think in Spanish to understand Spanish.

August 10, 2018


This comment seems woefully unappreciated. Have a lingot.

August 20, 2018


This is the ONLY way to understand Spanish! Well said. Please have 2 lingots ; )

Even though my Colombian friends ask me to correct them, now I totally understand why they say " Where is your mother from?" de donde es tu madre?" or "You have an interesting job, " Tienes un trabajo interesante"

Now I no longer think in English and I understand that it is just as hard for them as it is for us x

March 8, 2019


Both should be fine.

August 6, 2018


Not "should". They both ARE fine.

August 10, 2018


I was commenting on what duolingo should accept, rather than grammaticality.

August 20, 2018


Previously you stipulated that correo electronico meant e-mail address, so that is what i wrote. Guess what, it is wrong. Wish you would make up your mind!

August 16, 2018


Mm3C5, hello. Someone down-voted you, but I understand your frustration. Remember, Duo volunteers read our FLAGGED comments and try to improve the program using our suggestions. (The COMMENTS icon brings you here, to the forum.) We try to learn from each other, here, and native speakers and advanced learners are often very helpful.

Your experience with the phrase probably happened when we told Duo that most people in the U.S. have dropped using the whole phrase, "What is your email address," and use the shorter form, "What's your email?" So Duo started leaving dirección out of some exercises. So if they ask for 7"address," put it in, but if they say only correo electrónico, then that is just "electronic mail" (email). Hope that helps you or others who have related questions. :-)

February 1, 2019


why is I read my email IN the office wrong ?

January 7, 2019


I read my email address at the office? Thats what I thought?

March 28, 2019


Is there a plural of "correo electronico" ? Or does it just mean e-mail? NOT emails plural?

June 22, 2019


How do you know if a word is present or past tense.

August 18, 2019



December 20, 2018


what is with duolingo and rigid statements? (eg: i have a big blue hat at my house) They sound bad

April 14, 2019


I put correct answer and was marked wrong

May 11, 2019


Why does this one speak sooo fast. I understand I should be able to understand more words spoken faster but this particular sentence was too fast.

May 17, 2019


Yet again showing the right answer and telling me i got it wrong but covering up my answer so i cant see what i got wrong!!! Very frustrating duo lingo

July 9, 2019


How to say- "i will read my email at the office" ?

July 23, 2019


why can't you say I am reading instead of I read

July 26, 2019


So I typed "Yo leo mi cor" and accidently hit the submit button and it took it. ???? Que es?

August 17, 2019


Do the native speakers reall use such a long phrase for "email" ?

September 23, 2019


I'm not hearing mi clearly, it sounds so muffled

October 13, 2019


What is the difference between "electronic mail " and email? Why the sentence "electronic mail " is wrong? Why do I have to write "email" instead of "electronic mail "?

October 14, 2019


I would say "I read my emails at the office" - "my email" sounds wrong is you are referring to more than one email message.

August 11, 2018


email can be count, like how you want to use it, or it can be non-count, like "mail."

August 11, 2018
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