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Die Hemden des Mannes sind groß.

I got this sentence in dative prepositions and i’m confused of “des” and “Mannes”. If anyone could give an explanation or a link that would be great!

June 8, 2018



"des Mannes" is the genitive case; it means that something belongs to someone.

Here's an explanation: https://www.dartmouth.edu/~deutsch/Grammatik/Nouns/genitive.html

And the different word forms of "der Mann": http://www.canoo.net/inflection/mann:N:M:er

So in your case, it is

The man's shirts = The shirts that belong to the man = Die Hemden des Mannes.


Well done Heike! That is the most straightforward and useful description of "Case"I have ever read. As an English speaker with a fairly rudimentary grasp of English grammar, "Falle" has haunted me since starting to learn German. I have always been amazed that small children in Germany are able to grasp it so quickly. Where it confuses me still after decades.

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Danke Heike.

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