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"Necesito llamar a mis amigos."

Translation:I need to call my friends.

4 months ago



Audio is not working at all on this one.

1 month ago


I need to call up my friends, is this ok?

2 weeks ago

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Is "llamar" really used that way ??oO In 5 years of spanish class at school, we never used it in that way, but only to "name" sth/someone (like "me llamo Olweg", "este lugar se llama Machu Pichu"..

2 weeks ago


OK, I'll bite. What verb were you taught to use instead - telefonear, convocar?

To answer your question, yes, llamar is the commonly used verb for calling someone. Note that llamarse means "to be called". So, me llamo Olweg means "I am called Olweg." It's the same verb, but the pronominal form you were taught changes the meaning slightly.

1 week ago