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  5. "In the bus."

"In the bus."

Translation:En el autobús.

June 8, 2018



does anyone know why it accepts 'en de la guagua' but not 'en la guagua'? !gracias!


I don't know why Duo doesn't accept it, but you just taught me an awesome new word, so thank you. Have a lingot.


"en la guagua" means "in the baby" (in the sense of a little human being, not an affective way to call a vehicle). "En el de la guagua" means "in the one belonging to the baby", which is a funny way to call a public bus informally.


Its usage varies by region. It does not universally mean a baby human.

From the DLE:

\2. f. Can., Ant. y Guin. Vehículo automotor que presta servicio urbano o interurbano en un itinerario fijo.


It should be "On the bus" in English. Use "on" (meaning "in"/"inside") for public transportation with big capacity.


I don't know why this has been downvoted. The English expression "On the bus" translates to "En el autobus".


Oohh I forgot about this


Why does it offer "del" for "in the", then not accept it!?!? I was going to type "en el" but I thought I was wrong.


Same, but i think its grammatically incorrect? Still learning so im probably wrong


I used del because it said it was for both words but i got it wrong


The suggested for the Spanish dictionary said "Del' and not el


why cant they do something about these hover hints, that are very miss leading if not totally wrong, I'm sick of them. it ruins the good feel you get from learning such a lovely new language, They only need to put the correct answer, that way you can check to see what you have put is correct without getting the negative red cross to dampen your mood, please leave comments if you agree. thank you.


How to identify where to use ù or ú


Spanish only uses the accent mark that goes up from left to right - your second example, in this case "ú".


In one screen Duo accepted 'la autobus', suggesting that autobus is feminine but in this question, the corrrect answer was 'en el autobus', suggesting that autobus is masculine. Did anyone else face this discrepancy?.


Are you sure it was "la" not "al"?


En el bus is also accepted.


My phone does not have the accents letters. What do I do?


You should be able to hold your finger on a letter so that alternative letters based on that letter come up for you to select. So, for instance, if you want ñ, hold the n until a little panel of alternatives shows, then glide your finger over to the one you want to highlight and use it.


I submitted en el auto bus .....the only reason i got it worng was because of the space between auto and bus


Hi there! Can someone help me to understand more about putting the right accent marks please. Gracias!


Here in Puerto Vallarta, they recognize "autobús" but common usage is "camión" for bus, which I'm used to calling a truck. For truck (smaller than an 18-wheeler), they use "camioneta"


How to remember the accents?


How do you put in the accents?


The promter gave Los, en Los autobus


Why is it "in the bus" and not "on the bus"

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