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  5. "Where is my skirt?"

"Where is my skirt?"

Translation:Wo ist mein Rock?

June 8, 2018



Isn't it der Rock? So why wouldn't it be meiner?


"Mein" is declined the same as "ein", not "der/die/das".
So we have der/die/das - ein/eine/ein - mein/meine/mein.

This also is true for other pronouns and cases.


Looking online, the accusative for masculine ich is meinen, not mein. Only the neutral is mein. I would have thought this would therefore be meinen Rock. What am I missing? Is it because it's using the "to be" ("is my") verb in this particular example?


Not just because it's "to be" here - it's true for all verbs. "Wo" is just the question word, the real subject here is not "wo", but "mein Rock". You can compare with English: it's "Where am I", not "Where is me".


I thought meinen also


I think it's not a accusative case as there is no direct object, only an indirect object (Rock) and a subject (mein)

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