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  5. "When does she go there?"

"When does she go there?"

Translation:Kdy tam chodí?

June 8, 2018



what about using jit for go?


What is wrong with "Kdy ona chodi tam?"


It sounds awkward unless you pronounce this sentence in a particular way, and I doubt the people who will most tend to answer this way would think to do so.

"Tam" is another partly enclitic word due to its short length and usually de-stressed sentence intonation. (So it likes to be placed after the first unit of meaning in its clause.) If you stick words like this at the end, you are strongly emphasizing them in meaning and in sentence stress: Kdy (ona) chodí tam?

This course has almost no hope of teaching the Czech word order constraints no matter what we do, so I am just going to add this to acceptable translations and move on.


It requires strong stress on tam and your are asking when she goes THERE as oppossed to somewhere else.

But it is not impossible, in my opinion.

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