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"Yo quiero caminar con mi perro."

Translation:I want to walk with my dog.

June 8, 2018



Funny how different languages mean things differently.

In Hindi camina means a really awful person or an a$$hole.


In English, we don't really say, "I want to walk with my dog," but instead, "I want to walk my dog."

In Spanish, would I simply drop "con" or do I need to instead switch to something equivalent to, "I want to take my dog for a walk"?

If the latter, would I use pasear?


Curious about this also, though I would argue that ‘walk with my dog’ is not quite the same in English as ‘walk my dog’, the second implies a specific purpose (that is, exercising the dog), while the first does not.


what is the difference between caminar and andar? I think both words mean "to walk". Necesito ayuda.


The lesson is not complete since you have to study from the beginning or something, but i hope what you can read is helpful.

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