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[solved] Discussion button, redirection problem.

On my windows computer, pressing the discussion button from the menu, while in the discussion section, will send me to forum.duolingo.com where there is no content. The same happens when trying to access a topic via google.

EDIT: When learning from German, French, Italian or Russian I can access the discussions by pressing the button once and it doesn't hang at this point for the first time but from English it doesn't work at all.

June 8, 2018

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I submitted a bug report today 16:50 o' clock GMT+1 (central european time).

Reference code: 1025435

Subject: discussion forum (http://forum.duolingo.com) does not load because of JS error in web console / redirect URLs are not working

I also added the detail error "Unhandled promise rejection error" description from the Firefox browser console.


Danke Thomas. du hast anscheinend das Richtige getan mit dem Bug-Report. Ich bin nicht auf die Idee gekommen. Vielleicht könntest du in dieser DIskussion https://www.duolingo.com/comment/27627458 ein paar deiner Links zum Thema teilen. wobei das auf dem Französisch-Forum eh niemand sieht.


It redirects to empty pages (prefixed by "forum" instead oif "www") whenever you are currently logged in for a course where you are learning from a language different from English! Everything works well if you have selected a course where English is your learning language or even logged out. So it is very difficult to take part in the discussion directly from a course with a non-English learning language. The only workaround I found is to open the link in a new tab, later switch to a dufferent course and then edit the URL.


I am learning Greek from English and the problem exists as well.


correction: it is just the other way round.


So, nobody learning from English can access the discussions? Why is there no riot? Does it go only for minor browsers or for the web version?


Yes, web portal (or probably both for mobile apps?).

I would guess all BETA testers who are in the A/B group (like me), who are linked to the new http://forum.duolingo.com forum (huge speed increasements, incremental comment loading, minor bugs, etc.).

Usually A/B tests are hardwired to accounts, not devices.

Therefore I would personally expect that all other normal Duo users, who are in the other testgroup and are still linked to the old discussion forum, can still access the forum just fine from base language English.


Hi gisberth,

Are you still experiencing this issue?


No, I don't.
The initial issue, pressing discussion while on the discussion page, is slow due to redirecting forth and back in some cases, but it works from any base language.

From English, sentence discussions are accessable again and correctly connecting to forum.duolingo.

Connecting from outside (email/google) also works as expected and connects to forum. from English and www. from other base languages.

Guys you made my day. You are my heros of the day. Thank you so much. Having no sentence discussions is really troublesome.


pressing the discussion button from the menu, while in the discussion section

Under which language interface?


forum.duolingo.com loads the discussion area for me. What browser are you using?


I tried it on Edge and Firefox. To be clear, it happens pressing the button twice, otherwise I couldn't have written that.

That happens since about two hours and concerns also the sentence discussions.

Thanks, for me your link doesn't work.


Hi, could you please edit your original post and use the drop-down list at top left to change the topic from "Duolingo" to "Troubleshooting"? That way it won't clutter up the general forum, and it will attract the attention of folks who can help.

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When writing this, I only had a German Problemdiagnose button leading to a German discussion page with very few entries, which is hardly read by staff. The English one isn't accessable because the discussions don't work any more from English. Thanks.


Since two days I have the same problem (Greek-English)! I tried it on Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. With the Android-App it works.


Hallo lieber Gisberth, unfortunately, I have the same problem. Best wishes from Cologne, from the little baumbaerin :)


La mia carissima orsa tra gli alberi, che bella sorpresa vederti qui. Sono sicuro che tu sei un'orsa grande, forte ed ammirabile. Grazie mille per il tuo supporto. Sembra che i problemi siano passati.

Cari saluti anche ad uccello che mi manca tanto.


Il mio carissimo Gisberth, sei molto affascinanti. L'uccello era molto contento dei tuoi saluti. Cari saluti da Colonia :)

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