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"Busca a" vs. "busca"

Could someone explain the difference between those sentences to be? I just don't get it...

" Juan busca a su hermana" "El hombre busca las llaves de ella" and "Maria busca la hermana de Juan"

Why does the first sentence use "busca a" and the other ones use "busca"?

Thanks a lot in advance!!

June 9, 2018



Juan busca a su hermana = the 'a' is the 'personal a' and it is used when the object of the verb is a person.

El hombre busca las llaves = the keys are not a person, so no 'personal a'

Maria busca la hermana de Juan = I would think this should be '...busca a la hermana...'

The "personal a" makes things, well, more personal. More special.

Escucho la música - I hear the music (or I listen to the music)
Escucho a mi mamá - I hear my mother (or I listen to my mother)

Veo el árbol - I see the tree
Veo a mi hermana - I see my sister

Eligo un beisbol - I pick out a baseball
Eligo a un amigo - I pick a friend


'Beisbol' is the sport, 'pelota de beisbol' is the term you were looking for.


Thank you so much! Does this rule only apply to persons, or to any living subjects, meaning pets and other animals included?


It applies to animals aswell.


It can also apply to a country. For example, you can say "Amo a mi patria" which makes it more special.


So can I apply it to anything that has a special meaning to me? Like... I don't know, stupid example, but if I have an emotional binding with my house, city, a certain object etc.?


There are a couple of bad/misleading examples there. Careful.

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