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  5. "Is tomorrow Monday?"

"Is tomorrow Monday?"

Translation:¿Mañana es lunes?

June 9, 2018



Why not the definite article here- Manana es el lunes?


This is a great page for understanding when to use the definitive article that someone was kind enough to post on another thread. Hope it helps. https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/using-the-definite-article-in-spanish


What about ¿Es lunes mañana?


In Spanish we don't rearrange "is" to the front of the sentence when we have a question. It'll always be like "He is from Mexico?" or "It is poisoned?".

It could be because "es" means "it/he/she is", so saying something like "Es e'l me'xicano?" would translate to "He is he mexican?", which sounds really weird.

In Russian we ask things similarly. But we don't have words of "is" or "the" there, so I don't think we have much of a choice. So instead of saying "Is the cat bad?" we just ask "Cat bad?"

I hope I was able to clear at least something up.


I'm not agree with you. In Spanish you could ask with the Es in front, specially when someone says something You are not sure or you believe is otherwise you could ask in return. You could said: Es lunes mañana? Like an abrevation of: Acaso es lunes mañana?


I think that's more like “Is it Monday morning?”


Or Es manana lunes?


I don't understand. I thought days of the week always had el in front of them.


El is only used when saying "on [day]".

La fiesta es el martes - The party is on Tuesday. Hoy es martes - Today is Tuesday.


are days of weeks not capitalized in Spanish?


There are tips at start of lesson . That will help you


Thanks PascalHeilmann and Ves_Mcvoid for clearing that up.

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