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Do Not Absorb Distractions & Negativity!

Duolingo is a Godsend for me and many others! It is a "free" service that seeks to give us access to so much. They have made changes to the platform and, I suspect, in ways that will make progress even easier for us all and especially new learners. I have read so many negative and distracting post from people, like myself, taking "free" advantage of this opportunity. I was surprised by the changes myself after taking months off and coming back to something new! I think the difference between me and the nay-sayers is the fact that I am here to learn something, not to dictate the process...lol. Get it for yourself and those with whom you will communicate with in the future!

June 9, 2018



When those changes interfere with learning languages, one should make negative statements.


There is a world of difference between a “negative statement” and constructive criticism. Positive criticism invites change but negative statements only vent buried anger and don’t produce good fruits.


I think most of it is constructive criticism. There is no point in Duolingo saying sorry we do not plan to bring back timed practice, purchase tests or add sound to all courses, but people would like to see these and have more flexibility when learning. If more people ciriticised constructively and invited change maybe we would see some changes that were actually effective and made the site useful for a larger group of people rather than just specific users.


When those negative comments are things like its too easy or its too hard I think it is better than I will accept whatever change they make as their intentions are good


Our feedback matters and our opinions are valid even if they ignore them. Many users feel that learning is less effective than before and that they are slowed down. Duolingo is run by humans but is also used by humans there is no reason to assume that they will always know what is best for us.


yes!! ever since the new update there has been so much anger directed at the duolingo team, and people are losing sight of the fact that this is a free service that can teach you the basics of many different languages! of course there's room for improvement - the crowns system rolled out relatively recently and they have to work out the kinks - but positive criticism to help duolingo rather than anger is the way to go.


Hola Senorita Smith ;-) Thank you for your kind support in your reply and congratulations on going PLUS! I see that 35 days streak, looks like you're "cooking with gas" as we used to say in Detroit! Keep up the good work!


I totally agree. When this becomes a mandatory paid service, then people can rightfully voice their opinion forcefully. But it's a free service. They can choose to use it, or not use it. That being said, I love all the changes. Which is why I will continue to be a Duolingo Plus member and support free learning for others. Good luck on your journey.


People will complain no matter what. You can't please everyone.


Hi George and thank you for your very positive comments. My post was mainly intended to support and encourage new learners hoping that they would give "themselves" the best possible opportunity to learn without becoming distracted or becoming negative themselves. On another note, your own learning efforts are very impressive, keep up the good work!


Yes! i so love Duo for allowing us all to learn all these magical languages and to make friends around the world. Of course, if it changes and is no longer useful for you, you can grumble a little, but over all I just feel so grateful for this resource :)


So do I geerte! Did you know studies show that when we challenge our brains with new or strange material that our brains actually generate NEW cells? Learning something new on a constant basis is a way to fight off potential brain disease in later life! ;-) So, it seems there is much more benefit to this Duo resource than meets the eye [wink]!


By the way, you are Rocking with your language study!

[deactivated user]

    cModesty, I must say I agree with you 110%!! Okay, 111% haha!

    Another negativity I'll share that we have to ignore, especially for English speakers, is the comment, "Why bother learning xxxxx when everyone speaks English wherever you go??"

    And it's because speaking a foreign language where it's the native tongue is soooo much more enjoyable than "Does anybody here speak English??" That is weak!!

    Keep at it cModesty! Good luck!


    Y tambien, buena suerte mi amigo!


    I agree with cModesty. When something so beneficial to those of us serious about learning as duolingo is, we should appreciate all that went into making this available to us. The negativity is sad. Some people are never satisfied. If the repetition is bothersome, there are other sites to explore. Be happy, think positive!


    Good day Sjyoshida! Your comment is very thoughtful and, of course, I agree with you; we all have options if we are unsatisfied with Duolingo's offering...lol. I guess some among us find simulation in complaining. And, so be it! Have a great day! Also, great work on your level and your Very Hot Streak!


    cModesty, I commend you on your great attitude to this community. You are helpful and inspiring. Thank you.


    As this isn't about Spanish, would you mind changing the topic to Duolingo in general?

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