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Spanish 2.0 Tree

From discussions, it seems that some people already have the Spanish 2.0 tree. Is this still in a roll-out phase? I still have the old tree. Do I just need to be patient to get the new one?

June 9, 2018



Do most people have the tree though? It's a bit demotivating working through sections (I'm about half way through) knowing that a lot of it is going to be reset and will need to be redone. I'd rather just be working on the new version.


Out of the 61 skills in the old tree 47 are retained at the exact same point they were and 7 more are retained but go back to crown level 1 (At least in my case where they were all at crown level 3 or 4). so more than 80% of the progress remains even after the update. I'm not sure which skills got erased and where they are in the tree so your mileage may vary.


A friend of mine still doesn't have the new tree, and it's definitely affecting his progress. He doesn't want to put much time in as he knows he'll lose some of his progress when he gets the new update. So at this point, he's just maintaining his streak. They need to do a full roll-out.


I try to think more positively about it. Maybe I am just imagining things, but it seems like there are a wider variety of sentences in Duolingo since the Crown update, and I rarely get through a lesson or practice without getting one answer wrong. Therefore, I must still be improving my Spanish by using Duolingo. I try to supplement by listening to a Spanish podcast or at least 10 minutes of a Spanish TV show every day.

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