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  5. "He lives off air."

"He lives off air."

Translation:Él vive del aire.

June 9, 2018



it should be 'of air' instead of 'OFF air'


I thought he worked for a radio station.


Assuming it means 'he lives on nothing' as suggested below, is 'El vive de aire' not possible?


there is no clue that off=del


My response was "él vive fuera del aire" I think this should be considered correct.


Can you explain what "He lives off air" means? Is it talking about someone who works for a radio station but has a life elsewhere? Is it talking about a human's need for air? Clarification, please?


There is a saying in English, "He lives on fresh air" meaning he lives an existence that appears to have no income. He has no money yet continues to thrive.


I knew a lady who was Dominican (speaks Spanish). She moved back in with her parents and had no plans to look for a job. I asked her what she was going to do for money. She said she would just live off air. I thought she was trying to make a joke about a serious situation. But I wonder if the phrase has a special meaning among Spanish speaking people, such as, maybe, they are going to do whatever they can to get by. Or maybe it means what Philg42 says.


"del" does not mean "off"

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