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"My son started studying Spanish three years ago."

Translation:Mi hijo comenzó a estudiar español hace tres años.

June 9, 2018



Why is there an "a" between comenzo and estudiar?


Some verbs need a preposition before a noun or another verb. Here are a few: https://www.fluentu.com/blog/spanish/spanish-verbs-with-prepositions/


Thank you very much! I really appreciate it.


How do you choose between empezar and comenzar


They're pretty much the same.


What is wrong with "Mi hijo empezo estudiar espanol hace tres anos"? Spanish D!ct is indicating it means, "My son started studying Spanish three years ago". That is what I put and it wasn't accepted needless to say.


Two points: First, don't forget the accent (empezó) to make the past tense third person, or it can be confused with a first person present tense verb.

Second, the verb empezar must be followed by a when it refers to an infinitive verb. So your sentence should be:

Mi hijo empezó a estudiar español hace tres años.


could estudiando be use here?


No. This is one of those situations where we use the present participle in English ("studying") but you have to use the infinitive (estudiar) in Spanish.

This is going to be the case in almost all situations except for creating the progressive tenses (so "He is studying now" is Él está estudiando ahora). But for "He likes studying" or "He started studying" or "Studying is difficult" or "Studying is important" all take the infinitive instead.


When do you know whether it's "el espanol" or just "espanol"?


Use el español when it's the subject, but just español when it is the object. Same with any other names of languages.

El español es popular. BUT

Juan habla español.


I got marked wrong for "Hace tres años que mi hijo empezó a estudiar español." Why? I vaguely remember from high school that we wrote it with the time first.


why no personal a for my son? A mi hijo.....


You don't use the "personal a" for the subject of a sentence, but for the object.


My ansee is exactly as is yours?????


Espanol not offered

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