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"Los zapatos no cuestan dieciocho pesos."

Translation:The shoes don't cost eighteen pesos.

June 9, 2018



This isn't a critique on the phrase but I just wanted to point out that 18 pesos is equal to 0.89 US dollars. Them some cheap pants

June 9, 2018


Shoes, actually. But they DON'T cost 18 pesos, so... cuanto cuestan?

July 2, 2018


Sì, pero zapatos son shoes.

July 4, 2018


Well, as of 10/18/18 it's about $ .94, so a bit more reasonable.

October 18, 2018



April 19, 2019


the shoes doesnt cost 18 pesos dont work?

December 27, 2018


No, shoes is plural, so it should be "don't" or "do not" in Standard English

December 27, 2018


"the shoes doesn't cost.." would be incorrect grammer

April 19, 2019


why did "the shoes does not cost 18 pesos" marked incorrect?

March 29, 2019


Because your English verb is incorrect conjugated: For I, you, we, and they use do. For he, she, and it use does.

The shoe does not (or doesn't) cost (third person singular)

The shoes do not (or don't) cost (third person plural)

March 29, 2019


Would this sentence imply that they are less than 18 pesos? Or just that they're some price other than 18?

March 5, 2019


Technically, just some other price other than 18 pesos. Though one could certainly expect the subtext of the statement to imply that it is considerably more (not less). :)

March 20, 2019


If they are any good they cost 1800 pesos

November 10, 2018


¡Es verdad! Ellos cuestan muchos más!

December 6, 2018


Why not them shoes

December 19, 2018


'Them' is an object pronoun, not a determiner ('The' is the determiner in this exercise's sentence because it 'introduces' the noun).

Because 'them' is a pronoun, it is used in place of the noun so is never followed by the noun, unlike with a determiner.

Incorrect: I like them shoes

Correct: I like them

Determiner: I like THE shoes, I like THESE shoes, I like THOSE shoes.

April 8, 2019


that would be pretty bad grammer

April 19, 2019


All of the examples I have had have mentioned dollars or pesos. Given that we are learning Spanish it would seem appropriate to mention euros since this is the Spanish currency. I have reported it.

April 21, 2019


Seven Spanish speaking countries use pesos and most (if not all) of Central and some South American (Spanish speaking) countries accept the US dollar as currency. Spain is the only spanish speaking country in the world to use the Euro. In terms of numbers, the choice of these currencies is entirely appropriate.

But that's a bit beside the point - The great thing about learning a language is that it's not just about memorising phrases/sentences as a block without understanding the individual components and grammar. Having that understanding means we can use whichever nouns we wish to suit each context. If we have the vocab, it's up to us. Duo can't input every possible scenario.

April 22, 2019


I take your point. I 'm not suggesting that Duo doesn't use dollars and pesos just that it would be appropriate to include euros. I have noticedthat in the French tree Duo uses euros but not francs, as far as I can see, even though most francophone countries use a version of the franc. It struck me that there was this difference hence the comment.

April 26, 2019
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