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"Los zapatos no cuestan dieciocho pesos."

Translation:The shoes don't cost eighteen pesos.

June 9, 2018



This isn't a critique on the phrase but I just wanted to point out that 18 pesos is equal to 0.89 US dollars. Them some cheap pants


Shoes, actually. But they DON'T cost 18 pesos, so... cuanto cuestan?


Sì, pero zapatos son shoes.


Well, as of 10/18/18 it's about $ .94, so a bit more reasonable.


why did "the shoes does not cost 18 pesos" marked incorrect?


Because your English verb is incorrect conjugated: For I, you, we, and they use do. For he, she, and it use does.

The shoe does not (or doesn't) cost (third person singular)

The shoes do not (or don't) cost (third person plural)


the shoes doesnt cost 18 pesos dont work?


No, shoes is plural, so it should be "don't" or "do not" in Standard English


"the shoes doesn't cost.." would be incorrect grammer


In English, I would always prefer not to abreviate the words 'don't cost' to its correct format of 'do not cost' particularly in the written form. However, in spoken English, its fine and exactly the same meaning. My translation was marked incorrect.


Just to see if it was accepted, I used "Shoes don't cost eighteen pesos." Even though it wasn't accepted, isn't that a valid translation? I mean, it is a true generalization that shoes do not cost less than $1, at least in the US (and probably even at a thrift store).


It's not a valid translation because this is not a generalised statement about shoes, it's a statement about a specific pair of shoes, indicated by the determiner 'los' (the).

The monetary value in these exercises is irrelevant, it's a random amount and there just to help you understand the grammar structures and learn Spanish numbers. Sentences may not make sense in a real world (how likely is this) context, but they make sense grammatically and the translations need to match the Spanish meaning.


Well, it was worth trying. Good explanation. Thanks.

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