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"Mi hermana necesita una oficina bonita."

Translation:My sister needs a pretty office.

3 months ago



No necesitas, tĂș quieres una oficina bonita.

2 months ago


Yes. Some people don't know rhe difference between want and need!

1 week ago


"pretty" office?

3 months ago


You're not forced to use "pretty" here. You know that there are other words you could use to translate "bonita" to describe an office.

1 month ago


A pretty good office, maybe. Certainly not a pretty bad one.

1 month ago


A nice office

1 month ago


Pretty is a very unusual epithet in English for an office. I put 'attractive' and it was rejected. With duolingo one has to learn two lingos, their Spanish which i have to believe is correct, and their version of English to move to the next question... fair enough

1 month ago


Can't always translate Spanish into English well.

The important thing here is the Spanish sentence and what it means IN SPANISH and how the meaning is said IN SPANISH. The English sentence just exists to provide us with a clue about what the Spanish sentence means. That's all. We are not learning translation here. Duolingo is not teaching translation. It is teaching Spanish.

Just use Duolingo's stupid English sentence while understanding what the Spanish sentence is referring to a good looking office and how the Spanish sentence shows one how one would refer to it in Spanish.

It is a good looking office that is being talked about, which is "una officina bonita" in Spanish.

1 month ago


EugeneTiffany: Great explanation! Have a lingot!

1 month ago


There was a weird accent on the Bonita

1 month ago