"Pije vodu."

Translation:He drinks water.

June 9, 2018

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Isn't pije gender neutral? Shoukdnt it be they (in singular sense) instead of he here?


After searching a bit more, my opinion changed a bit. I am fine for using singular they in professional or official communication, but here it would simply be confusing.

See various discussions whether it should or should not be used for Duolingo translations https://www.duolingo.com/comment/21135622/Singular-they-in-English

It is not a simple subject and this course must teach Czech as clearly as possible. Any of he/she/it is always possible so we are not discriminating anyone.

On the same note we cannot accept "he or she" either.

If you find that the official translatio s use "he" too often, you can point us to the numbers and it might get changed to "she" or "it" somewhere.


With a purpose to avoid any "discrimination" I've translated "Drinks water." I did not use He/She/It. And I "made mistake". I propose to enclude my answer to the list of correct answers.


No, you must use corrext English. Just choose any of he she it.


What is the difference between voda & vodu?


voda is the nominative case, vodu is the accusative case

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