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Selber? A German joke translation

Would someone help me to translate into English the following German joke: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DPqwB67WsAAvo9m.jpg

I sort of "understand" each part of the picture, but can't get it as a whole, that is miss the funny part of it.

June 9, 2018



I give it a try:

Since we've been talking at cross purposes we get into each others way to a lesser degree.

My ass!

"Selber" probably not quite as strong as "my ass" but is the standard answer for arguing seven-year-olds when the one accuses the other of being stupid. Usually in a sneering tone - but also a bit helpless, outwitted.


Is "to talk past each other" describing a situation where two people talk, but about different things, completely ignoring what the other person says? If yes, it would be an appropriate translation of "aneinander vorbeireden".
"in die Quere kommen" is something like "to get in the way".


SteffiBookworm, I also tend to think that it is something about "talking past each other" and getting less "in the way". My problem is with the reply "Selber", which is supposed to make the picture funny.

AHA3006, I haven't heard that Selber can mean "my ass" (but my German is very limited). Does "my ass" somehow mean the same as "kiss my ass"? And again, how does it make the interaction funny?


Actually "Selber" is not a matching reply in this context, so the punchline is that both are once again talking past each other :)
As described by AHA3006 it is a rather childish response to a childish offense.

Let me try to explain.
When I do the daily cleaning of my guinea pigs' cage I greet them with a smiling "Ihr seid ja richtige Ferkel". A "Ferkel" is a baby pig. And it means if used on a person something like "dirty, messy guy/gal" in a very mildly form. (Edit: well, that also depends on HOW it is said, with a smily and rather like a nickname it is only a minor insult.) They usually reply with "Wheek!" which can easily be interpreted as "Selber!" meaning "You yourself are the pig here! You could have done this hours before and serve salad, cucumber, tomatoes and carrots NOW!" :)


SteffiBookworm, it makes sense for me now! Thank you and AHA3006 very much, your explanations are very helpful. I have been struggling with the joke for a long time and was not able to get it. Btw, I have a rabbit :)


You're welcome!
I have two guinea pigs :)

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