"What time does the movie start?"


June 9, 2018

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    This seems out of place for the Health Lesson Group.


    Is there some reason that you can't put the time first in this question? It seems like 几点电影开始?should be a correct answer, but it's not accepted.


    Accepted 6/11/2021 But they still don't accept 几点我们开始 for the other question


    Is "电影开始几点?" not acceptable?

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      几点 represents time so it must go before.


      电影什么时候开始 Why was this one not accepted as correct?

      [deactivated user]

        You are asking when the movie starts instead of what time.

        It sounds similar in english but in chinese there is a subtle difference.


        电影几点开始吗 Incorrect to add 吗 at the end?

        [deactivated user]

          That would be incorrect, 吗 (and 是不是) is only used for yes/no questions, in a nutshell they change a statement into a question.


          The 几点 is the question word here meaning "what hour" or “what time.”

          三个人 - three people
          几个人 - how many people?

          四点 - 4 o'clock
          几点 - what time?

          There are different question words in Chinese depending on the type of question.


          几位 should be how many people,对吗?


          what is the difference between 点 and 点钟?


          点 has a lot of different meanings relating to points, spots, drops, specks, brief touches, choices, check marks. 点钟 is specifically time of day. You use the longer form when the short one might be confusing.

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