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  5. "SuQ'a' tlhIngan qa'vIn?"

"SuQ'a' tlhIngan qa'vIn?"

Translation:Is Klingon coffee toxic?

June 9, 2018



I've wondered whether raktajino is just any old Klingon coffee, or a specific type like espresso.


There is a Klingon beverage called ra'taj which is qa'vIn with HIq added. Apparently it has been a hit with humans, but when they want a non-alcoholic version the use flavoring and call it Raktajino.


Aha, now I can picture a bottle of ra'taj syrup right next to the vanilla and hazelnut ones :-)


I think that this is the correct word Okrand came up with. They just refer to a type of coffee on DS9 and Voyager!

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