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Gusta or Gustan?

Would it be correct to say, "Me gusta bailar"? or would I say "Me gustan bailar" because I am not specifying.

June 9, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Gustar is one of the tricky verbs to learn because it is usually the first reverse-construction verb people run across in Spanish. So first of all, when you imagine what it means, think "pleases".

    Another thing to keep in mind is that often Spanish uses infinitives where we use gerunds in English. So this is why "Reading is good = Leer es bueno."

    So bailar, when used as a noun, means "dancing" and you want to say "Dancing pleases me." So it's easy to see that:

    Dancing = bailar
    pleases = gusta
    me = me

    And since bailar is a reverse-construction verb, you reverse bailar/gusta/me to a correct sentence of "Me gusta bailar."

    Now if you wanted to use a plural, let's say you like dancing AND singing, or dancing and singing please you. Now we use the "they" form of gustar, which is gustan.

    dancing and singing = bailar y cantar
    please = gustan
    me = me

    So we're going to reverse bailar y cantar/gustan/me to "Me gustan bailar y cantar."

    Some other examples:

    Me gustan los gatos. = I like cats. (Cats please me.)
    Me gustó la pelicula. = I liked the movie. (The movie pleased me.)
    ¿Te gustan los tacos? = Do you like tacos? (Do tacos please you?)


    This is a very good explanation of gustar. Thanks!


    Its 'gusta', because 'gustan' means the plurality of the subject and the subject here is 'to dance' which is not plural.


    In Spanish, "bailar" is actually the subject of the sentence, not the object. (A literal translation would be "dancing pleases me.") But, yes, the verb conjugation changes, depending on whether what you like is singular or plural. )


    I wanted to write that, thanks y corrected!
    Also have a nice weekend guys!


    This is a good question. I don't know why anyone is down-voting it.


    It is easy;

    Gusta singular

    Gustan plural

    Regards from Mexico City!!!

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