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"The secretary writes the letters on Mondays."

Translation:La secretaria escribe las cartas los lunes.

June 9, 2018



I thought it would be el lunes, not los lunes. Isn't lunes singular?


The days of the week that end in -s don't change for plural. The definite article tells whether you mean one day or more.
El lunes = on Monday. Los lunes = on Mondays.
Sábado and domingo (ending on -o) are made plural by adding -s.
El sábado = on Saturday. Los sábados = on Saturdays.


"Lunes" is the singular and plural form (only sábado y domingo change forms for the plural.) We use "los" because it's "on Mondays" to mean "every Monday"


From what I understand, lunes could be Monday or Mondays depending on whether you use el (for Monday) or los (for Mondays).


Bleep the pittsburg penguines


Male secretary = el secretario??


Yes but Duolingo is sexist at the mknr9


Exactly what I put, but I was marked incorrect. Am I, or Is duo sexist? I'm sure they have male secretaries in Spain???


And in every other example when there is a masculine and feminine option, it goes with the masculine if not outwardly stated.


This is my question tambien


Él es el secretario del rey
"He is the King's secretary"

El secretario de la jefa lee la carta
"The boss's secretary reads the letter"

The above are a couple of Duo's examples using el secretario at https://www.duolingo.com/dictionary/Spanish/secretario/351ec8eb923811b772b5e634cfd9a6bc


You used secretarío in your first example and secretario in your second (one with an accent, and one without); was that a typo, or does Duolingo really use both?


Thanks for that. It is my typo – there should be no accent on the "i": el secretario. (I have now corrected it in my post above.)


Why is there no connecting word between "Las cartas" and "Los Lunas?" I was expecting "en" or something to be there, but "en" is marked incorrect.


Languages don't necessarily translate word for word. When discussing days of the week, 'el' and 'los' are used (instead of 'en' ) to mean "on".


That is an incredibly streak you got there


In Spanish Definite article seems to work like preposition 'on' for days of the week.

Tomorrow is Monday - Mañana es lunes.

I work on monday - Trabajo el lunes.

Happy Friday - Feliz viernes.

The party is on Friday - La fiesta es el viernes.


Why are the secretaries always female?


Maybe because you always write them as female? I wrote "el secretario" with my sentence.


I thought if you dont know the gender of the secretary it would take the masculine form! The same with el jefe/la jefa on a previous lesson. Am i missing something? EX: The boss has a new car. i was wrong when i said El Jefe. How do you determine by that sentence that the boss is a woman??


How do you determine that the secretary (secretaria) is female? I thought if the gender is unknown it would defer to the masculine form. I also had an issue with "The boss has a new Car", I was incorrect by saying El Jefe?? Am I missing something?? I talked to a native speaker and she said it would be "El jefe", just as I though, but I was incorrect according to duolingo. ???


Difference between 'las' and 'los' please??


Los and las both means "the" in English. However when we speak about something that is plural but masculine in Spanish you use los - los perros (the dogs) When we speak about something plural but feminine we use las - las casas (the houses)


Las is for female and los is for male


Majklo_Blic. A big thanks regarding the use of "el" or "los" to mean "on" for days of the week.


Lo secretario was not accepted.


The masculine definite article is el; lo when used as a definite article is neuter gender. As secretario is a masculine noun it requires el.

One of the uses of lo is to create nouns from adjectives, as in
Lo bueno, lo malo y lo feo
"The good, the bad and the ugly"

Lo importante es …
"The important thing is …"

This article describes the uses of lo (which may also be a pronoun): https://www.thoughtco.com/using-lo-spanish-3079438


Why secretary is usually a female in your exercises? This is wrong


Hint says "los" cartas Answer "las" cartas. Not a very good hint.


Why oh why is Monday (lunes) masculine? Is there any reason why?


There is no real logic for determining the gender of nouns:

One cannot predict the gender of a noun, except in the case of living creatures. Do not try to analyze the nature of the object, looking for some inherent masculinity or femininity. It won’t work! StudySpanish.com

All the days of the week are masculine in Spanish as are the names of the months. But times during the day are all feminine - son las dos » "it's two o'clock".

The feminine article (la, las) is used before the hour because it refers to “la hora.” StudySpanish.com

Assuming this same logic does apply to days of the week and to months it could be because "day" is masculine - el día - and "month" is also masculine - el mes

[deactivated user]

    Just a comment I am an old guy learning and the people I hang with are laughing at me. You are teaching me correct spanish and their street talk is less formal shall we say. Thank you to all of you that make this available to me.


    I always find the femine secretaria a bit sexist.....does anyone know where the gender system in many languages comes from?


    Why los Lunes and not en los Lunes


    What is the differences between unas and las? I wrote unas cartas.


    'Unas' means "some": unas cartas = some letters


    I understand the confusion.
    un or una mean "a" or "an" los and las mean "the"

    If you write unas cartas in essence you are saying "a letters" and that is grammatically incorrect even in English. Further there is no "s" added to una because cartas in plural. It should be una carta (a letter) or las cartas (the letters).


    Spanish is not English, m_clayton. In Spanish, "unos/unas" has the same meaning as the English word "some." However, "cualquier/calquiera" and "alguno/alguna" are also translations of "some," and "unos pocos" is used as an adverbial phrase that means "a few" or "little," as in "unos pocos preguntas" (a few questions) or "datos poco conocidos (little known facts). Interestingly, when "poco" is used as a Spanish adverb, it retains its singular form when modifying any Spanish adjective, such as "conocidos." In fact, when the Spanish adjective "conocidos" is used as a noun substitute, it requires the article "los" to make it clear that "conocidos" means "the known ones" (which is a noun phrase).


    DL: El secretario escribe las cartas los lunes. So, I find this potentially uncomfortable even in spanish to put this repeating Las (noun) los (noun) together, even if position correctly identifies the part of speach/ special phrasal conotations. Is there an extra word to throw in there in spanish to make polite? Like english: "Green rested so purple could play" to "green rested so THAT purple could play" reducing ambiguities again, even if unlikely people would get confused. *Not a good comparison, but yknow what I mean? "Escribe las cartas EN los lunes?"


    "Los lunes" means "On Mondays". Your proposed correction would read, "He writes the letters at on Mondays," which I'm betting is the exact opposite of what you thought you were going for.

    The more you practice Spanish (or any other language) by reading, listening, and speaking, the more natural its grammar will sound to you. This is the same way you learned to tell when an English sentence is grammatically correct: by knowing that it "sounds right".

    Buena suerte, y mantén practicar.


    I missed the s from the end of cartas, and it marked it incorrect rather than a typo which it was :-( can't report

    [deactivated user]

      I have practiced this sentence so often, I almost know it by muscle memory. Would it be possible to at least change the day of the week...


      please define the difference between las.and los in context


      "Las" and "los" are both "the" in a plural context, but it differs based on the following words' gender. For example-

      "Los gatos" (The cats) - "Gatos" is masculine, so you use "los"

      "Las cartas" (The letters) - "Cartas" is feminine, so you use "las"

      Hope this helps!


      El lunes also the same meaning

      [deactivated user]

        El lunes - On Monday Basically means on any given Monday.

        Los Lunes - On Mondays Basically means every Monday.

        So ya, meanings are different.


        Yes - it is confusing for an English speaker since "los lunes" appears to discard the preposition "on"


        When I checked the sentence,by touching the words in the sentence, before confirming that it was correct, the wording read los cartas and las lunes. Don't mind being corrected, but I do like consistency...


        why don't we use preposition as "en los lunes"?


        "La secretaria escribe"? "La" is feminine. "Secretaria" is feminine. Isn't "escribe" masculine?


        Escribe is a verb and verbs don't have gender. English verbs are the same in this respect.
        Él escribe » "He writes"
        Ella escribe » "She writes"
        Usted escribe » "You write"
        El secretarío escribe » "The secretary writes"
        La secretaría escribe » "The secretary writes"

        The above are third-person singular except for the formal usted which is second-person singular.


        Has anyone else been corrected from 'las cartas' to "las notas",, (for letter, not for note). And then get corrected from 'las notas' to "las carteras" the next question? Because im suoer confused now


        I Stand corrected it was corrected to 'la nota' for letter. And then to 'la carta' for the letter.


        Tehnical problema again It does't elow to press on the right answer


        Letters have a gender? Las vs los?


        VelvetVine1, yes cartas Is feminine, hence the feminine article las.


        las letras was not accepted


        fug1tivus: the "secretary writes the letters" would refer to writing correspondence. The Spanish letras does not mean letters as in correspondence, but
        • letters of the alphabet
        • handwriting (as in calligraphy)
        • song lyrics
        • a type of finance agreement

        See Spanish Dictionary https://www.spanishdict.com/translate/letra.


        Es gibt kein los in den Vorschlägen


        Why not en los lunes?


        How would I say "The secretary writes Mondays' letters."


        "el secretario escribe las cartas de los lunes" for "The secretary writes Mondays' letters."

        "el secretario escribe las cartas del lunes" for "The secretary writes Monday's letters."


        why don't​ we use a connecting word between las cartas and los lunes? why not an "en" in-between? What's the logic?


        paridhik, it is simply that Spanish is not English: by that I mean the two languages often vary in the way they express things. Which prepositions are used or not is one of the big differences between the two languages (and other languages I believe).

        With days of the week Spanish simply does not need a preposition to say "on" - the definite article is used instead. We occasionally say it that way in English too, especially if we want to add emphasis: "I worked the Monday of last week", or even simply "I worked Monday last week".

        [In Spanish] days of the week are usually used with the definite article (singular el or plural los), and it isn't necessary to say that an event happens "on" a certain day. Correct: Trabajo los lunes. (I work on Mondays.) ThoughtCo.‍com

        When you think about it the use of the English "on" in this sense is a little peculiar. You can get "on/in a bus", "on a bike", but how do you get "on Mondays"? 😄

        Link to ThoughtCo article: https://www.thoughtco.com/spanish-grammatical-mistakes-you-can-avoid-3079247


        Can anyone help me with the exact usage of 'los' and 'las'?


        Why not las letras


        daisy861473, in English the word "letter" may mean correspondence or the letters of the alphabet. Letras is letters of the alphabet or handwriting. Cartas = correspondence. See letra - SpanishDict¹.

        ¹ https://www.spanishdict.com/translate/letra


        Why not las letras


        Are all the days of the week masculine in español?


        They are If you ever wonder about a word's gender you can look in this page: https://dle.rae.es/mi%C3%A9rcoles?m=form


        Is secretary has to be a woman? Why?


        Duo does use el secretarío in sentences too. This link¹ currently has 9 examples using la secretaria and 5 different sentences that use el secretarío, so at least there are some masculine forms.

        ¹ Note: https://www.duolingo.com/dictionary/Spanish/secretario/351ec8eb923811b772b5e634cfd9a6bc


        I feel like this whole lesson is all about the same 3 sentences


        I'm not in tuned with my lessons today. I'm stressed.


        Why isnt it 'en los lunes'?


        When to use "Qual" and when to use "Que" ?? I am confused


        What is wrong with my answer


        I wrote el secretorio and it told me i'm wrong only because the secretary should be female, apparently. Rly messed up, duolingo


        It said letras is wrong


        Yes, because letras is used as in letras del alfabeto / "letters of the alphabet", it doesn't mean mail or correspondence.



        I just mistyped "luned"


        Why is it "los lunes," please? I thought we don't say "the" before the name of a day? Thank you ever so much!


        Why is it "los lunes", please? I thought we dont put "the" or "a" before the name of a week? Thank you ever so much for explaining this!


        Why is it "los lunes?" I thought we don't put the word "on" or "the" before a name of the week? Thank you!


        Hi. Why is this "los lunes," please? I thought we don't say "on" or "the" before the name of the day,. Thank you for your help!


        Hi. Why is this "los lunes," please? I thought we don't say "on" or "the" before the name of the day,. Thank you for your help! And, why "los?" It said "on Mondays" not "the Mondsys?" Thank you again!


        Gives wrong answer


        Los lumes isnt a typo???


        Can receive mean writing as well as writes?


        Why don't we add 'en' here? Is "La secretaria escribe las cartas en los lunes" incorrect? I tried to translate this sentence in my head before checking the answer and I thought that I need to translate the word "on" as well.


        I swear i get this sentence like 5 times every lesson


        Why is THE different every time in this sentence?? Why is there no formal lesson on which THE to use?? El, La, Los, Las?? I dont understand how to use the last two. Why so many ways to write THE?!


        AnthonyMai, in Spanish the articles "the", "a/an" have gender and must match the gender and number of the noun before which they are placed. ALL nouns have gender, even inanimate "things" such as cartas (letters/correspondence) and names of days of the week (Monday).

        With objects there is no logic as to what is masculine and what is feminine, although nouns ending with -a are generally feminine and those with -o are generally masculine - but there are many exceptions.

        • Use el for singular, masculine nouns. El carro (the car), el pie (the foot), el niño (the boy), el día (the day), el vestido (the dress).

        • Use la for singular, feminine nouns. La falda (the skirt), la camisa (the shirt), la mujer (the woman), la habitación (the room).

        • Use los for plural, masculine nouns. Los libros (the books), los teléfonos (the phones), los pueblos (the towns), los zapatos (the shoes).

        • Use las for plural, feminine nouns. Las mesas (the tables), las casas (the houses), las ciudades (the cities), las clases (the classes).

        Duolingo Skill Tip that has some instruction on this (Skill 1, Intro): https://www.duolingo.com/skill/es/Intro/tips
        SpanishDict article: https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/el-or-la-an-introduction-to-spanish-articles


        El secretario is wrong, so if my male secretary writes letters on Mondays it wrong to call him by his proper gender. I'm left just two hearts now


        El secretario is wrong? So if my male secretary writes letters on Mondays I'm wrong for writing about him in the right gender. Give me my heart back


        Why cant the secretary be male??? Or is El secretario incorrect?


        Twice now I have exactly what it says it should be and it's still marking it wrong. I stopped trying to gain this homework a long time ago and came back to it thinking I'll just go right through it now. I am not the problem it is not accepting correct answers this needs to be adjusted or why bother


        Duolingo shouldn't put "los" and "las" first in the dictionary hints if they want us to write "la"


        What's with the sexism, Duolingo? Secretaries can be male too, surely?


        My answer was the same as the answer Duo gave, but I was judged wrong???


        Is secretary on female? It can never be masculine.


        Only las to pick from; not Los


        i guess that duolingo does not allow men to be secretaries... who knew


        I want explanations!


        I'm growing to hate your ni-picking!


        Los señores


        My answer was the same as the corrected answer. I don't understand why it was identified as incorrect.


        It should not count el secretario as wrong. That is just sexist?


        I'm confused in los/las.


        I had the same thing as the correct answer and it counted it wrong.


        The correct answer is showing wrong


        I wrote "El secretario escribo el mensajes los lunes" purposely wanting to state that the secretary is male. Is this wrong? Are there no male secretaries in the spanish speaking contries? I see from previous posts here, that more people have reacted to this. Duolingo needs to fix this asap.


        Your error is in answering with el mensajes: the definite article it should be plural to match the plural noun, so los mensajes.


        My answer was correct

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